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Another Aston Martin

Aston Martin’s are reasonably rare around here, so rare I often miss them. They’re not as large, or a striking in appearance as their classic ancestors, so can sneak up on you, and be gone by the time you realise they’re there.

This one was staying still (like last week’s), and seemed quite normal as I walked past from behind.

Simple and even understated, hiding a V8 with close on 400 hp.

Aston Martin Vantage 2006 [V8 UAV]

Aston Martin Vantage 2006 [V8 UAV]

Then I got to the front, and something was missing.

Aston Martin Vantage 2006 [V8 UAV]

Aston Martin Vantage 2006 [V8 UAV]

Double sided sticky tape can be a pig if you use the wrong stuff.

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Doulton Fountain – the other side

While collecting some pics of the People’s Palace recently, it occurred to me that most pics of the Doulton Fountain (famously rescued from its original position closer to Saltmarket, where it was slowly dying at the hands of vandals, after becoming derelict), it occurred to me that most pics tended to show it with the Palace being, since it was relocated the museum’s forecourt.

So, I convinced myself to stop on the way home one evening, and grab a pic from ‘the other side’, fortunately with a ‘serious’ camera.

It came out surprisingly bright and detailed, despite being taken in fading light.

Uplighting from the floodlights helped bring up the lower section, which would have otherwise been shaded by the overhanging section above.

Glasgow Green Doulton Fountain

Glasgow Green Doulton Fountain

Hard to believe this has been here since 2005.

I was looking for pics of it in its original location, but only came up with one, not shared.

I’m sure I have some, but will need to get around to sitting down and digitising the pics I have on film.

I always seem to say… “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

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Found a ‘Trump Wall’ people would happily pay for

Best Trump Wall ever!

Best Trump Wall

The comments after this were great.

Two were notable.

One that suggested it needed a lid.

Then a later one suggested the best lid would be a Toilet Seat!


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Lets’s recruit some Russian taxi drivers

I think that’s a Russian plate on the car.

Here, we just have a sign saying something like ‘No food or drink in taxi’.

In Russia, taxi drivers just deals with any problems as they arise.

Much better.

Imagine what he’d do if his fare threw up back there.


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