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The illegals – H2 TYX

I’m always left slightly puzzled when I see illegal plates where the character spacing risks a potential £1,000 fine if a grumpy Glesga polis having a bad day passes it.

I may be missing something obvious, but I can’t make anything worthwhile (not £1,000 anyway) out of H2 TYX as seen misrepresented as H2TY X on this 2007 Audi TT.

There isn’t even a ‘reveal’ offered at the bottom of the plate, which sometimes has the meaning added in small letters.

2007 Audi TT [H2 TYX]

2007 Audi TT [H2 TYX]

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Christmas departure?

So, finishing off Christmas dinner and dumping dishes in the kitchen (believe that and you’ll believe anything), I looked across the road and spotted the scene seen below.

I wouldn’t say the ‘lady’ who owns that chimney has a reputation, but… she’s got a reputation.

That’s almost a good disguise her visitor tried, but I think he forgot the sack!

Santa Christmas Departure

Santa Christmas Departure

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Christmas casualties started early this year

Recent years haven’t seen the ‘Christmas casualties’ (kids’ stuff just dumped in favour of presents) appear until later than they did when I started noticing them.

It started early this year though.

I hope this one means the cat had a nice present, and not that it was evicted along with its old house.

Don’t think so – I’m sure I’ve found other well-worn cat goodies dumped outside the same houses.

Haven’t seen a cat tree house like this in any shops.

Nice though, as it means the Cat Overlord can watch The Kingdom from an enclosed place of relative comfort and safety.

Christmas Casualty Cat Home

Christmas Casualty Cat Home


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When Christmas lights go rogue

After the recent silly story the media decided to make some mileage out of, I couldn’t really leave this little gem out.

Especially after noting I had withdrawn from this game after the cheap Chinese microcontroller based stuff started to make my hand-crafted offerings look sad and ‘simple’.

While I know a lot of cheapest and nastiest stuff which can’t pass UK/EU safety rules, having looked at quite a lot of the design of the LED controllers and some pretty ingenious wiring/control systems they use, there’s a lot of clever ideas in those systems.

Some of them can take a lot of thought to ‘reverse engineer’ to see just how they work.

I’m not sure what impresses me more – what can be done with microcontrollers that have as few as 16 pins (or even 8, or less), or how anyone manages to plough the manual for such things, which can run to dozens, or even hundreds of pages to describe all the goodies hidden inside, and to access/control them.

I saw one reviewer comment on one that was selling for the equivalent of 3 p!


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