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The illegals – H2 TYX

I’m always left slightly puzzled when I see illegal plates where the character spacing risks a potential £1,000 fine if a grumpy Glesga polis having a bad day passes it.

I may be missing something obvious, but I can’t make anything worthwhile (not £1,000 anyway) out of H2 TYX as seen misrepresented as H2TY X on this 2007 Audi TT.

There isn’t even a ‘reveal’ offered at the bottom of the plate, which sometimes has the meaning added in small letters.

2007 Audi TT [H2 TYX]

2007 Audi TT [H2 TYX]


25/12/2018 - Posted by | Civilian, photography, Transport | ,

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  1. I’ve racked my brain with this one. I think it’s supposed to say Hotty X – but fails, really badly. I don’t understand the clamour for personalised plates. I guess some people just have to show off.

    I’m gonna change my name by deed poll to PE17 4YE – its cheaper. Lol.


    Comment by Baldy | 26/12/2018

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