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What happened to the People’s Palace tenement cat?

I’m not sure if I ever managed to get a pic of the poor old stuffed cat which decorated the tenement flat display in the People’s Palace.

I think I did, but I just can’t think of an easy or quick way to find it. My film pic archive is on another computer since the database system won’t run on anything past Windows 98!

And I don’t seem to have anything digital.

I was reflecting on this during a recent visit, when I tried to see if it was lurking anywhere in the ‘room’.

Unfortunately, they have either decided to keep this exhibit fairly (very) dark, or the lighting just isn’t working.

I decided to take some (very) low light pics, and have a look at the spots where I thought the old cat had been lying, when I could enhance the images.

The average light across these images was very even so, even though the place was almost dark, they were able to record an image that looks much brighter than reality. All the light came from the ‘window’ on the left, and the bed image took seconds to catch, even at a fairly high ISO, which is why it is not very sharp compared to the others.

I hadn’t realised quite how dark it was, or how odd the lighting was – you can see for yourself in the images.

I’m afraid there’s no cat to be seen.

I think it used to lie on the bed, or was sometimes seen sleeping on the edge of the hearth, below the range.

I would ask, but while the staff are helpful, the knowledge is becoming less and less over the years.

The ‘range’ was the name given to the combined fire, oven, and stove fitted into tenement flats.

As you can see, the room served as kitchen (sink is just out of sight on the left), living room, and bedroom – for the whole family.

The communal toilet was outside, on the stairhead – everybody had a key!

People's Palace Tenement Bed

People’s Palace Tenement Bed


People's Palace Tenement Range

People’s Palace Tenement Range


People's Palace Tenement

People’s Palace Tenement

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