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Will they extradite Larysa (Thick as a brick) Switlyk?

Well, the Orange Moron hasn’t been impeached yet, so I suggest not holding your breath.

There was at least some good news arising from the ridiculous story of, The ‘Brave White Huntress’ (blonde bimbo?) shot… a Scottish GOAT! (with updates)

And her stunning response, which amounted to taunting those who spoke against her ‘bravery’ Thick as a brick – It’s Larysa Switlyk

It seems there might have been some impropriety regarding her handling of firearms under our Scottish law, although as I always say where such things are concerned, we are not privy to the full details available to those who are involved.

Being reported merely means a charge has been made, and it still has to be proven, evidence produced, and potentially a case heard.

We’re a long way from her getting what she deserves, and this could all come to nothing.

An American TV presenter who posed next to a wild goat which had been shot dead on a Scottish island has been reported to prosecutors over alleged gun offences.

Larysa Switlyk was criticised and sent death threats after posting the images on social media in October.

The 33-year-old and her teammates had been hunting on Islay in September.

Police said she and a 41-year-old man had been reported for alleged firearms offences.

She was reported under section 11a of the Firearms Act 1968, which refers to authorised lending and possession of firearms for hunting.

The acts says anyone borrowing a firearm from another person must:

  • Be borrowing the rifle or shot gun for the purpose of hunting animals, shooting game or vermin or shooting at artificial targets
  • Comply with any conditions specified in the lender’s certificate
  • Be accompanied by the lender or someone who holds the relevant certificate

A spokesperson for the force said: “Following several complaints of wild goat ‘trophy’ hunting on Islay in September, Police Scotland can now confirm that a 33-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man from the USA have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for firearms offences.”

Goat kill hunter Larysa Switlyk reported over alleged gun offences

Further reports (of the same)…

Hunter who killed Scots goat reported for gun offences

US Goat hunter Larysa Switlyk reported over alleged gun offences in Scotland

Brave Larysa Switlyk

Brave Larysa Switlyk

Her behaviour is no better (and considerably worse considering she should be a responsible adult at 33), than the kids who think it great to get an airgun and start shooting little birds out of trees for fun, probably not even killing them, but wounding them and leaving the birds to die of their injuries.

I should say ‘used to’, since airguns have had to be handed by all Scots now. Well, law-abiding Scots, leaving those who don’t are about, or respect the law, or firearms law, free to carry on as they were.

Apparently the goats are making plans, in case the ‘Brave White Hunter’ comes back.

Civil Defence Goat

Civil Defence Goat

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Cat telepathy in Dalmarnock

This pair looked quite funny when they spotted one another on a glum, wet day.


Dalmarnock Cat 1

Dalmarnock Cat 1

“I wish I had gone out.”

Dalmarnock Cat Window

Dalmarnock Cat Window


Dalmarnock Cat 2

Dalmarnock Cat 2

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