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If unions built lifts (elevators)

There’s an exhibit in Kelvingrove which I get wrong every time I spot it.

Going from memory, I think the reason is down to an exhibit that used to be on display in the industrial section of the People’s Palace, until they ‘Made it Better’ a few years ago, and emptied that room for some reason I forget now. Afterwards, I waited for the industrial goodies to reappear – the never did.

When I asked, I was told they weren’t coming back, ever, and the space would be used for temporary exhibits.

It lies empty most of the time these days, occasional home to the odd, very sparse, special exhibit, such as the story behind the three (Sir) Billy Connolly murals, and also his own art once.

Bit of a shame, as I haven’t come across the industrial items that used to be shown in that room elsewhere.

So, I can’t confirm, or even be sure I am right about this recollection…

I think they had a part of a tower crane there, similar in appearance to the item shown below, and that why I always get it wrong when I spot it the corner it hides in within Kelvingrove.

Reading the descriptive plaque always makes me smile, as I imagine the reason for this ‘One Man Cage’ is down to a union demand, and the threat of strike action if the evil pit owner had even as little as thought of improving productivity, and profits, by having a cage that could carry more than ONE man at a time.

Mining Cage

Mining Cage


Mining Cage Plaque

Mining Cage Plaque


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