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Today is Tick Tock Day

29 December is Tick Tock Day.


The sound of the year, and your life, slowly slipping away. Every moment not spent living it is another that has gone forever, impossible to reclaim. Tick Tock Day reminds us that the year is almost at an end, and that there are still things left to be done… in fact, only two days remain to get them done.

Last year I managed to approach Tick Tock Day reasonably.

No such luck this year, but don’t worry, I’m not going to go into detail.

Suffice to say I made the mistake of thinking I was heading towards the end of the year reasonably fit and well – and was shown the foolishness of my ways.

Fortunately, instead of finding a suitable ‘Death Clock’ to go with this post, I was lucky enough to find someone had turned an optical illusion I’d seen earlier this year into a clock face using the same effect.

I think the best effect appears when looking off-centre.

Clock Illusion

Thought you were getting away without something more serious?


Skeleton Clock

Skeleton Clock


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