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Today is Bacon Day

30 December is Bacon Day.

Bacon seems to date all the way back to the Middle Ages, and is basically a popular method of preserving meat and adding flavour by soaking it in a specialized brine.

I was quite fussy about my bacon, and don’t thank anyone who serves up the type that is more fat than meat, unfortunately the type often hidden in anything with bacon added as part of a larger recipe. To me, the fat, or rind, just seems to turn into a rubber band on the edge of the meat.

Sad to say, I also meant to write “I was quite fussy” too, as I haven’t eaten it for years.

That came about when I started buying my own food, and saw the price.

Packets of bacon I used to buy for a bit of a nice fry up seemed to rocket up in price, and I felt like an idiot buying the stuff – I haven’t even looked for years, but when I gave up, I reckon a given weight of bacon was anything from two to five times the price of a similar weight of ham, which I could enjoy chopped and thrown into an omelette, or just fried alongside some eggs.

Sorry, bacon, but I’m not going to be a made a mug of just to buy you.



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