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Christmas in Baillieston

I really thought I was going to miss any shots here.

After spotting the arrival of the tree, no camera to hand, I was going to make a trip back the same night to finish the job, but decided that was silly, as I’d be passing later anyway.

Mistake! I was taken out of circulation almost the same day.

But I’ve managed back, fortunately before they tore the lights down.

Baillieston Christmas Tree

Baillieston Christmas Tree

This view has become interesting over the (recent) years, as it was one of the first that showed how much better LED lighting was compared to the old low pressure sodium that used to feature in the background, smothering this major junction at Baillieston with its yellow ‘poison’ washing over everything.

I still see naysayers arguing (amongst other things) that the monochromatic yellow is still better than white (which is actually true for a very small section of the community), but it’s hard to accept that when you can compare a scene like this with the older images of the same spot.

This was supposed to show the light along the street, but they’re not really big enough to show up well.

Baillieston Christmas Lights

Baillieston Christmas Lights

They’ve had LED lights on the tree for the past few years, but the originals weren’t particularly vivid.

The newest set seems to be much more colourful, and has a very nice blue, which avoids the weird ultraviolet oddness seen in previous versions, these are definitely getting better.


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  1. Thank you for all the great posts, much appreciated. I especially like the Baillieston ones as I spent most of my childhood there.

    All the very best for 2019.

    Ruth Marr.



    Comment by Ruth Marr | 31/12/2018

  2. Thanks for the thought.

    Have a good one when it arrives.


    Comment by Apollo | 31/12/2018

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