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George Square Christmas surprise

Watch that viewpoint, and PAY ATTENTION when taking pics!

I missed a thing while I was Playing with George Square’s Christmas Lights

That included an illuminated globe that had featured in its own area last year, lightly fenced off to let people queue up to use as a setting for their pics.

This year, it was just dropped onto one of the paths in the square.

BUT, I missed something.

From that path, it just looked like the globe was there on its own – it wasn’t.

There was another, only revealed if you were looking from the side.

So here’s the whole picture of this huge pair of ba Christmas decorations.

Hidden Globe Revealed

Hidden Globe Revealed

Hard to miss, but in the original pics, I did (check the originals in the post linked above).

Hidden Globe Revealed

Hidden Globe Revealed

I also mentioned the poor reindeer I spotted (with a sore head) while taking those earlier pics.

Thankfully, somebody noticed, called the electric vet, and it’s all better now.

George Square Reindeer Fixed

George Square Reindeer Fixed

I’d also tried grabbing a daytime shot of the Square, as that’s easier to gauge how much can be caught in a wide shot – you can see the edges in daylight, but not in the dark!

That eventually paid off, as I tried standing around the same spot at night, without also having to try to find it too.

Turns out it’s hard to get that wide night shot.

Traffic gets in the way, both wheeled and on foot, as you have to stand as far back as possible.

That could be dealt with (just using patience), but there a bigger problem thanks to all the poles and junk that intrudes into the view.

Guess I’ll just have to try standing in front of all that stuff, and take a set of pics to stitch together – nothing’s simple.

George Square Lights Wide

George Square Lights Wide

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