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Last Purrple Cat Cafe flypast of 2018

Depending where I am, I kind of try to fly past the Purrple Cat Cafe, in case there’s something interesting to be seen.

As it’s been a while since this was possible, I made the effort and detoured tonight.

Although I couldn’t manage even a bad pic, I did learn that the cafe has an elevated walkway for the resident cats (they were wandering along it), mounted just below the fairly high ceiling of the former bank premised. Nice.

I think I saw more cats than ever, as they were gathering on a set of shelves sitting in the middle of floor, at every level.

This one was on the top with two others, which disappeared as soon as turned the camera on, and the one that was left, of course, sat down,

I thought I’d managed to catch the pic but, sadly, when inspected later was found to have locked focus on a reflection in the window, from across the road. Oh well.

Purrple Cat Cafe Hogmanay

Purrple Cat Cafe Hogmanay

I hadn’t realised there was one sleeping in the window right in front of me!

The puddle of fur sprouted ears when it moved.

There was a little black one with orange/yellow eye trying to rouse it, but it wasn’t interested.

Unfortunately, the combination of black together with the purple LEDs just screws with everything the camera tries to ‘fix’, from white balance to autofocus, (they must have a lot of UV or near UV light in them). To the eye, the colour is nowhere near as purple or vivid as the pic). You can’t alter the colour or rebalance it because the purple is very monochromatic, so there is nothing else to recover.

This was the best of the lot – you should be able to (just) make out a cat ear emerging from the edge of the ‘fluff’.

Purrple Cat Cafe Hogmanay Ear

Purrple Cat Cafe Hogmanay Ear


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