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My 2018 nemesis – ‘Dog and Cone’

I didn’t realise a ‘simple’ pic was going to become something of a marathon.

I spotted this ‘Dog and Cone’ by chance, while collecting a Glasgow mural I’d missed (didn’t even notice it for ages).

I managed a closer pic at the start of the month with the compact, but I thought I could do better.

I was wrong. Between not having the long lens with me, arriving so late that it’s dark, and today’s gem, no doubt arranged by the damned dog – a puncture en route, which cost me well over an hour.

So, once again, arrived in the DARK.

Despite the apparent brightness of this pic, it was actually dark, not good for a long-lens pic, and even with vibration reduction, every shot was ruined by camera shake.

Sunset was at 15:52 today, the pic was timed at 15:57, and taken in a narrow street (two car lanes and only one side with footpath) where the buildings are at least 4-storeys high, and more, so not a lot of light gets past them even when the Sun’s up..

I was almost tempted to let the ISO setting run up another two stops, but decided against fiddling with things since I will be back for another try, in daylight.

Meantime, I include this merely as a reminder (to me) that even a simple trip out for ‘quick pic’ can still be ‘torpedoed’!

Don’t move dog… I’m coming for you…SOON!

Dog And Cone

Dog And Cone

I still can’t really believe the previous pic (with the compact) is so much better than the dSLR under the conditions.

Usually, in the dark, at high ISO, and long lens settings, it’s easy for the bigger camera to knock the compact out of contention.

I was even thinking I might have set something wrongly, but everything seems to check out OK.

The daylight pic had better be a LOT better.

I dug out the compact’s effort, just to be sure I wasn’t imagining things.

Window-ledge Dog And Cone

Window-ledge Dog And Cone


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