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2018 Christmas Casualty

Keeping up with my accidental ‘Christmas Casualty’ pic(s) has been hard this year, with little seen.

That said, I think there were a lot of bin lorries flying around, so maybe the bin men were all on bonus.

Fortunately, I saw this BEFORE Hogmanay, or I might have been worried, or even had to look at what I was drinking.

Christmas Casualty 2018

Christmas Casualty 2018

I think I made a mistake here.

I was hurrying past this, and stopped to go back and catch a few pics in the dark, then carry on.

Having looked at the best one, and the others (my originals are more than 10 time larger), this is a new item – I should have grabbed it!


The other pics show others stuffed there, also looking clean and new (but not as cute).

I didn’t stop to look or think, just assumed it was rubbish dumped in the doorway (which is often occupied by ‘homeless’).

When I passed later, the bin men had been, and the street was cleared.


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