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Do all ‘campaigners’ think people are stupid?

Am I the only person who is coming to the conclusion that many campaigners and activists have no real interest in whatever they are endlessly whining on about, and are really just frustrated little Hit dictators who’s real aim is just to TELL people what to think or believe?

I’ve already thrown a few posts in here about the tripe spouted by many cycling activists, which almost made me give up moving off my own suburban roads into the streets of Glasgow, which they claim are dangerous and polluted.

I won’t lower the tone of my Blog by using the appropriate word for their claims (or outright lies), but it starts with sh.

Now, after reading that Glasgow is the FIRST city in Scotland to enact an LEZ (low emission zone), and a schedule for its wider implementation, guess what?


Air pollution campaigner Gavin Thomson said: “The toxic, illegal levels of air pollution in Glasgow causes hundreds of premature deaths and life-limiting conditions.

“Unfortunately, the weak terms of this low-emission zone – only applying to one in five buses – won’t achieve any significant change for air quality.

“This ‘no ambition zone’ means fumes from transport in the centre of Glasgow will carry on poisoning people’s lungs for many more years.

Pollution campaigners demand more action as Glasgow launches low-emission zone

I’m sorry, but…

I’ve driven and walked through Glasgow for decades (and now even cycle), and the city is almost like a Ghost Town as regards the traffic (and I think I’d be on a safe bet if I added pollution) level today as compared to the past.

And let’s not selectively ignore the fact that the vehicles on the city’s roads 10, 20, or more years ago did not have any of the emission controls fitted to current vehicles, AND were burning LEADED petrol.

Back in the ‘Good Old Days’ I used to sit in Argyle Street, nose to tail in traffic jams that meant it took ages to get from one end to the other (and no alternatives, the side streets were all jammed too), with vehicles spewing visible muck into the air.

I don’t think I’ve seen such a thing for years.

Seriously, I cycle along Argyle Street alone, except when the red lights catch the few vehicles there, and I catch up with the group. Cycling activists’ claims of gridlocked and polluted streets are utter nonsense today.

Go look for yourself if you don’t believe me.

If claims such as this are true…

Mr Thomson said councils must be bold in their approach to tackling pollution.

“Private bus operators in Glasgow are getting a free ride while everyone else is suffering the effects of illegal levels of air pollution,” he said.

“Three hundred premature deaths are caused by air pollution in Glasgow every year. We need bolder action by the council, and bus companies need to prioritise people over profits.

Then I think there must have been a conveyor belt, or maybe barges floating down the Clyde, to ship out the thousands of bodies as people dropped dead in the street in those.

I think the reality is that that campaigners are seeing the end of a cushy wee number they enjoyed, and are keen to spread scare stories to keep themselves in a nice easy job. Alternatively, we should find out who is promoting them.

For example, after reading one apparent news article about how dirty the air is, and how good air cleaners are at dealing with it – I found a little ‘SPONSORED’ tag on the page. The writer sold… air cleaners!

Unlike the councils, which have to deliver practical, measurable solutions and work within legislation against which they can be judged, campaigners just have to open their mouths and whine, while having no legal requirements to meet, responsibility to meet targets, or provide justification that can be checked.

Seriously folks.

Question them and their claims – while not true of all (there are good people out there), they are becoming ever more dubious, and seem to be getting closer to being Snake Oil Salesmen and Quacks as the years pass, and what they were campaigning for is being delivered.

And, they get to play the ‘Shame Card’ if you dare challenge them, and retort with things like “Do you WANT people to die?

I think it’s time to give these various campaigners a run for their money, stop giving them support, and chase them.

If they were serious, they’d be supporting, not criticising…

Scotland’s first low-emission zone launches in Glasgow

Scotland’s first low-emission zone launched in Glasgow


Extra £1m for green buses as low emission zone launched

Almost makes you long for the days of running those aforementioned Snake Oil Salesmen out of town 🙂

Angry Mob

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