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Today is Science Fiction Day

02 January is Science Fiction Day.

02 January, the date chosen to correspond with the official birth date of famed science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, who is thought to have been born 02 January 1920, and was responsible for some incredible works of science fiction literature such as “Nightfall” and the “Foundation Trilogy”.

Coincidentally, I’ve just managed to listen to the radio  version of ‘Foundation’, which is an 8-part marathon.

I didn’t look at the length of each part, but suspect it was originally broadcast as eight 1-hour weekly episodes.

I’m always a little torn by science-fiction nowadays, and often think the old stories are more imaginative (and often plundered today) that recent offerings, which seem to be written more as excuses for studios to show off special effects, rather than tell a good story.

Also, while I can understand a certain desire to update great old classics by remaking them, I’m afraid I find that many of them only work well in their original settings, and when moved forward 50+ years just don’t work if they adhere too closely to the original.

I think they’d probably make decent films if only the writers and producers used the basic idea, wrote it for today, and forgot all mentions of remake.

Frankly, the claim of ‘remake’ just makes me judge it against the original, and that almost always bad.

But, if I ignore that, I usually find a flawed (due to too much ‘looking back’), but reasonable film.

On the other hand…

Just enjoy science fiction for what it is.

For example, I used to run to the shops for every new copy of Science Fiction Monthly, and was inspired to set an area to start airbrushing, as I loved the artwork.

By the time I got started, I also had to start working (and had, of course, come across some other problems), so that ended up being a ‘fail’, although I did keep on trying, and still might try again.

For any fans of that publication, if you haven’t found it, there is an online archive of the magazine.

I don’t have the link to hand, but it should be easy to find.

Science Fiction Monthly

Science Fiction Monthly



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