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Greenoakhill community wood gate disappointment

I hadn’t had a chance to make any return visits to the new Greenoakhill community wood and wildlife haven I wrote about last year.

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Part of the reason is down to the fact that I have to walk past a perfectly good that accesses the area, and carry on for another half mile or so until I double back and eventually reach the ‘proper’ entrance at Daldowie.

I can also enter via a gate at Carmyle, but that’s just as far to go, before I’ve even get into the place.

I had looked forward to the supposed completion of works that would see the Greenoakhill gate made available, but it now seems that’s not going to happen. I’m probably wrong, but I thought this was going to be opened once the works here were completed.

If I ever want to use it, it seems I have to apply…

Hamilton Road Entrance: Site access on Hamilton Road just west of The Mailcoach. To arrange access please contact the Scottish Lowlands District Office.

This was what I found on New Year’s Day, when I took a look in hope of the gate being open.

Just the same as last year.

Greenoakhill Gate Disappointment

Greenoakhill Gate Disappointment

It’s a pity this gate is not being made more available.

It takes the fun out visiting this wood, having to walk at least an extra mile before you get there and can enjoy the quiet walk within.


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Glasgow City Council’s rebuttal of MP Paul Sweeney’s fantasies

I’m beginning to think my recent suggestion that Glasgow City Council is just an easy target for anyone wanting to get themselves noticed by making some daft claim about it, misrepresenting its actions, or just plain making stuff up, is closer to reality than I thought.

I make no secret of listening to such people years ago, shaking my head, and going ‘Tut-tut’ as I read their brave outbursts against the council of the day – but I’d also have to say that I never checked any of their revelations as they never referred to anything that mattered to me, or that I cared about.

These days, there seems to more appearing that I do have at least a slight knowledge of awareness of, and the signs are not good – for those telling tales about Glasgow City Council.

Recent irritations came from cycling activists, then there was more nonsense from pollution campaigners. Both notably attacking the council, rather than supporting policies it is actually implementing, and saying it is doing nothing, or not enough (in their view).

Now, a MP has decided to get a free ride and some publicity to make his name with claims that Glasgow City Council is destroying the plants in the People’s Palace Winter Gardens, which have just been forced to close on safety grounds.

Accusations by a Glasgow MP that all heating and maintenance of the People’s Palace Winter Gardens has ended have provoked outrage in city residents.

Paul Sweeney, MP for Glasgow North East, hit out at Glasgow City Council in a tweet, where he claimed that all tropical plants in the winter gardens would die after the heating was turned off.

The tweet read: “Shocked to learn that all heating and active maintenance of the People’s Palace Winter Gardens has been ended by Glasgow City Council this week.

“That means all the tropical plants contained inside will now die off. This is an appalling act of civic vandalism and must be stopped.”


Instead, he chose to profit from the claim first, and got this response while spreading his name.

Hundreds of Glasgow residents replied to Mr Sweeney’s tweet to express their anger over the alleged decision.

By running with the allegation, he gets a free publicity, and wins fans.

Once thrown, mud sticks, and few of those who responded to his tweet will care about what followed as they join the ranks who ‘Shoot first and (don’t bother to) ask questions’ later.

However, Glasgow City Council has denied the claims, saying that the heating has not been turned off and many of the plants have already been moved to other gardens across the city.

A spokeswoman said: “This is not true and we have not turned the heating off in the Winter Gardens and have no intentions of doing this.

“We want to reassure any concerned citizens that we have already moved the plants of significant horticultural value, as previously agreed, to our other glasshouses across the city and we will continue to maintain any remaining plants.”

Frankly, I’m not really even interested in what he said/claimed afterwards.

All quotes from…

Glasgow City Council hits back at MP’s claim of ‘appalling act of civic vandalism’ at People’s Palace

He, and others like him, should be forced to declare details in public, identify sources, and provide evidence, since they are MPs and should be fully accountable. Not just open their mouths and let their bellies rumble!

I knew this was nonsense, as I had visited the Winter Garden just before it closed, as seen in previous posts, and also took pics inside.

These show how many of the beds had already been cleared of plants even BEFORE the building was closed to public access.

Had I known they would come in useful to counter the scurrilous publicity-seeking allegations made by Paul Sweeney, I’d have taken a lot more, but they were just taken as part of a collection for a later post about the days before the Winter Garden was closed.

Winter Garden Plant Removal

Winter Garden Plant Removal


Winter Garden Plant Removal

Winter Garden Plant Removal


Winter Garden Plant Removal

Winter Garden Plant Removal


Winter Garden Plant Removal

Winter Garden Plant Removal

I don’t usually support calls for people to lose their jobs, but I can think of at least one who’s demonstrated enough lack of trust to suffer that, and maybe at least one other – IF what that one said was to be believed.

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No risk of ‘catbutt’ in George Square

I do like the lions on the Cenotaph in George Square, and collected some more pics of the pair while the square was being decorated for Christmas.

George Square Cenotaph Lions

George Square Cenotaph Lions

Always looking down on us, always judging.

George Square Cenotaph Lions

George Square Cenotaph Lions

But, at least there’s no chance of catbutt.

Parked like that (they’re both more or less the same), I might get ‘Back of the head of disdain’, but a closer look suggests those rear ends aren’t going to make an appearance any time soon.

No George Square Catbutt

No George Square Catbutt


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January appears to be a busy month

I don’t usually bother with ‘months’ – noting ‘days’ is OK since that just means one post per item, but ‘months’ would really needed to be repeated daily to make sure they were noticed.

Some do get a mention, if I think they’re special Black Cat Awareness Month for example.

However, when I looked at the list for January, it just seemed to go on, and on, and on…

While I’m not going to go into detail, here’s a list of just the ones I thought mattered (to me).

International Brain Teaser Month

  • Hobby Month
  • Get A Balanced Life Month
  • Clean Up Your Computer Month
  • Get Organized Month
  • Creativity Month
  • Celebration Of Life Month
  • Oatmeal Month

There were two special ‘months’ I thought should be broken out of the main listing.

I reckon if you tried working through the list – you’s NEED them!

  • Hot Tea Month



  • Soup Month
Scotch Broth Soup

Scotch Broth

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