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And again, somewhere nearby I’m glad I wasn’t

Yet again, somewhere I might have been was a place I was glad not to be near.

The past few weeks have not been good in my haunts, and I’m kind of glad I’ve been elsewhere.

‘Guard robbed’ outside RBS in Glasgow Forge Shopping Centre

I’m not alone in noticing the past weeks of incidents in Glasgow.

New Year weekend sees spate of violent assaults across greater Glasgow



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Is MP Paul Sweeney just making stuff up as his Winter Garden claim dies?

It’s said that one of the ways to detect lies is to see if the story you are being told keeps changing, since anyone telling the truth doesn’t have to keep changing their story as it pulled apart, so they have to make it up as they go along.

I spotted some apparent rubbish being spouted by some MP called Paul Sweeney yesterday, and published some of my own pics taken recently in the Winter Garden at the People’s Palace.

Today, after the leader of Glasgow City Council issued a statement debunking his claims, he decided to…

Change his story (his original claim was that the heating had been turned OFF).

Labour MP Paul Sweeney raised concern for the gardens’ exotic plants after claims the heating had been turned off and all active maintenance halted.

He said the move would be considered “an appalling act of civic vandalism”.

But Susan Aitken, the SNP leader of Glasgow City Council, rubbished the suggestion and accused the MP for Glasgow North East of “making things up”.

She tweeted: “The heating will stay on, the most important species have been moved to other glasshouses & the remainder will be maintained as required.”

Mr Sweeney responded: “Not according to a senior official in the parks department who I spoke to today.

“The heating has been turned down to a ‘minimal level’ and they said they won’t be maintaining remaining plants as none are regarded as of ‘horticultural value’, but that is beside the point isn’t it.”

Row after MP claims plants at Glasgow Winter Gardens will die due to closure

Give it up man –  you’ve been caught out.

Nobody votes for a liar.

This isn’t the ‘Old Days’, when all you had to do was kick Glasgow Council and nobody checked what was being said.

So long as it was bad or negative, everybody just believed it whether it was true or not.

SOME of us have moved on.

Winter Garden Plant Removal

Winter Garden Plant Removal

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That’s electrifying! A sculptural surprise in Glasgow

It always pays to keep your eyes open and look for unexpected little details.

I don’t usually have any reason to see the Buchanan Galleries building from any direction other than Sauchiehall Street (or the inside, since all the decent shops left the place largely to the ‘kewl’ sellers of tat), but having to visit Buchanan Street Bus Station meant seeing it from a different angle, which shows mainly the car park. And I haven’t been inside that.

But the outside does have some interest, in the shape of some heavily sculpted metal grilles over the ground floor windows.

I don’t know if there are any detail about them, or if they have any special significance, but they are well worth a closer look.

They’re all slightly different, but look similar to this example.

Buchanan Galleries Car Park Window Grille

Buchanan Galleries Car Park Window Grille

They come together to form a wave, or more accurately the representation of a sine wave, common in electrical and electronic engineering.

And I say that on the basis of looking at the detail in the centre of each grille – an electrical discharge, or tiny lighting bolts!

Here’s a closer look…

Buchanan Galleries Car Park Window Grille Detail

Buchanan Galleries Car Park Window Grille Detail

I haven’t been able to find any info or story behind these grilles, but they’re nor an ‘accident’. So, if anyone does know, a note in the comments below would be much appreciated.

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Glasgow’s Fossil Grove, Victoria Park (Part 1)

This was just supposed to be quick pic or two, captured before Fossil Grove shut for the year, but after visiting on the weekend before it closed, I couldn’t get back to finish things the next weekend, after which it really was closed.

Interesting to note that while Fossil Grove can close until Easter without hysteria, closing the People’s Palace once, for a shorter period, had some people starting petitions and complaining to Glasgow City Council. Oh well, it kept them happy and hysterical for a few days 😉

The seasonal opening (due to low visitor numbers) is not a surprise, and is posted beside the attraction.

My main problem last year was Scotland’s weather, usually pouring every time I planned to go, until I almost ran out of time.

Fossil Grove Seasonal Opening

Fossil Grove Seasonal Opening

It was also a bit of a shock to realise that my first (and last until now) visit must have been twenty years, or more, ago.

A real case of “I’ll do it tomorrow”, but never actually getting around to it, and then the opportunity was also lost for many years.

What is Fossil Grove?

Eleven fossil tree stumps from the Carboniferous Period (330 million years ago) preserved where they grew in a Victorian Museum.

It has a dedicated web site.

Welcome to the Fossil Grove in Glasgow’s Victoria Park.

You can also…

View or download a leaflet pdf

A film from 2013 explains the feature.

5 years on, and sadly, this unique site STILL does not attract enough visitors to be open for more than half of the year.

Possibly even sadder was learning that morons like Creationists are amongst those who make the effort to visit, but only to make their idiotic claims, and dispute the history of the site.

There’s even a 3D model of Tree 7, created from a laser scan.

Sadly, as usual, WordPress tries to catch me out by letting me see the embed in the post preview, but then kills the embedded view when I publish it.

So, you’ll just have to visit the model to play with it.

 Fossil Grove, Glasgow, Tree 7

The exterior and Quarry Knowe

Shooting inside (casually) is not easy, and this visit was supposed to be more of a test than a shoot – I expected to be back a few days later after reviewing the pics, but that didn’t happen.

The pics I took will form Part 2, once I’ve tidied them.

This collection shows the exterior of the building and its surroundings.

Worth taking a moment to compare with the historic postcard views offered on its web site.

This is the entrance today, at the east end of the building.

Within, there are toilets and a reception area with caretaker, and a number of displays relating to the grove.

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Building East

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Building East

The west end, usually closed.

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Building West

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Building West

The next couple of pics were taken to show how the roof of this building is level with, or even just below, the land just to the north.

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Building Roof

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Building Roof

This also shows the path leading to Quarry Knowe.

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Building Roof And Path Cutting

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Building Roof And Path Cutting

This view looks through the cutting, back towards the building.

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Quarry Knowe Cutting

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Quarry Knowe Cutting

This is the building seen from the bottom of Quarry Know, where there is also a small decorative pond.

Note how far below the building this feature lies.

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Quarry Knowe People

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Quarry Knowe People

Have to confess I waited ages for all the people wandering around down here to go away.

I can’t break the habit of avoiding people in shot, and had waited so long I just HAD to have this view.

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Quarry Knowe Empty

Victoria Park Fossil Grove Quarry Knowe Empty

Part 2 to follow (soon), once I decide what to do with some very oddly framed views of the interior.

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