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City of Adelaide clipper move may risk its future

Sad to see the Australian government does not appear to be supporting those who are committed to saving the hull of the former HMS Carrick, once moored on the River Clyde in Glasgow (when it wasn’t sunk), the clipper ship ‘City of Adelaide’, if the latest new item is correct…

Shifting clipper a threat to its survival, fans fear

A government proposal to shunt the City of Adelaide clipper from the heart of the Port to an industrial wasteland inaccessible to tourists has sparked fears the project to save the historic 124-year-old icon will die.

I can’t access any more details behind this news snippet, which is only available if the media source’s blackmail charge is paid to reveal it.

And that’s not happening.

A previous report had suggested there was hope of a better location for the clipper being discussed with officials…

THE City of Adelaide Preservation Trust is “hopeful” the historic clipper ship will have a new home within a year. The move comes after trust director Peter Christopher met with Premier Steven Marshall and Transport Minister David Ridgway. THE City of Adelaide Preservation Trust is “hopeful” the historic clipper ship will have a new home within a year.

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Sunk Carrick

Sunk Carrick

Ironically, a short video guide for visitors to the ship appeared a few weeks ago.


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Is it OK to complain a little about Sauchiehall Street avenues?

I’ve mentioned the project to revitalise Sauchiehall Street via the ‘Avenues’ project, and the sound of irritating whining coming from a few special interest groups who think they deserved special treatment – and didn’t get it (in their opinion).

So, I’m a bit wary of making a complaint myself, but if I don’t, who will?

The project is nearing completion, and the pic I grabbed a few days ago shows the place is really beginning to look a lot better now that the works are finally being cleared away.

Sauchiehall Street Avenue

Sauchiehall Street Avenue


There’s an itsy bitsy teeny weeny problem hidden in that otherwise quite nice view.

Not evident in the pic is the slightly poor finish of the black tarmac cycle lane.

I’ve ridden along it a few time now, and it’s not a pleasant experience – in fact, I usually cycle along the line of the left border.

The border on the right looks similar in the pic, but is actually raised, to separate it from the footpath to the right.

Unfortunately, the tarmacked path is far from level, and after riding along it for a while, if you are susceptible to sea-sickness, I suspect you might end up feeling a tad queasy if you stayed on it.

By way of contrast, the stone paved areas are smooth, and don’t suffer from the pitching induced by the wavy surface of the black-top.

Sorry, but I can only report what I find.

I’m not sure what they might have done wrong here, since tarmac road can be silky smooth, so there’s no reason for this to be wavy.

Perhaps they didn’t use large enough compacting or rolling plant to finish it?

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Does Rothesay House have a connection to Rothesay?

Another of those odd sightings of a name with no obvious reason.

This time it’s ‘Rothesay House’, spotted in Glasgow’s Douglas Street.

Although I did have a quick look around for a connection, nothing seemed to show up online.

This just seems to be a suite of offices to let to anyone, with the name just picked out of thin air (unless there is a reason I couldn’t find online), as opposed to having some sort of connection or link to the source.

Rothesay House Douglas Street

Rothesay House Douglas Street

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Nice and short Mercedes 89 P

I do quite like short registrations, usually meaning a really old/historic number has been saved from obscurity or loss.

I miss the earlier day, when it was possible to buy books listing the owners of such numbers. Now, every Tom, Dick, and Harriet can have one, and apart from a few extremely expensive examples, they don’t stay with the same owner.

I didn’t even realise I had been standing beside this one for a while (grabbing pics of something else), so collected it while I was there.

I guess the only grumpy thing is that it’s a diesel, and an AMG Line, meaning it has AMG cosmetic parts, but is not really an AMG.

I shouldn’t really moan, I did this to all my lesser cars – but then again, the factory wouldn’t.

2017 Mercedes C250 AMG Line [89 P]

2017 Mercedes C250 AMG Line [89 P]

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Today is Whipped Cream Day

05 January is Whipped Cream Day.

Another ‘obvious ‘ one I couldn’t let pass.

You shouldn’t be surprised to see this if you’ve seen all the cakes and similar treats I’ve mentioned.

No, the scales don’t ask me ‘Get Off!’ – I’m one of those lucky people that either just doesn’t guzzle too much, or simply doesn’t get fat, despite shovelling things like cakes and suchlike with almost every meal (heck, sometimes that IS the meal!)

Apparently hipped cream has been around for ages,  but it was 1946, before the aerosol can was invented by Aaron Lapin.

I have to say that the aerosol variety is almost always disappointing.

While the propellant does a fine job of fluffing up the cream it delivers, it seldom lasts, the cream collapses quickly, and become runny.

This is quite different from whipped cream produced by… er… well… whipping, a mechanical process which changes the structure of the material (and last after being prepared).

During whipping, partially coalesced fat molecules create a stabilised network which traps air bubbles, producing a colloid (a mixture in which one substance of microscopically dispersed insoluble particles is suspended throughout another) which has about twice the volume of the original cream.

Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream

Don’t get me wrong on this one, whipped cream from a can is fine, provided it’s used as a topping for something which is going to be consumed within a few minutes of receiving its ‘squirt’.

It’s ideal for coffee/chocolate drinks, as there’s no need to plan ahead, and have a batch of ‘real’ ready in advance – just squirt and drink.

Whipped Cream Coffee

Whipped Cream Coffee


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Today is Spaghetti Day

05 January is Spaghetti Day.

No great surprise to find this in here and earning a mention, it’s no secret I quite like pasta (so long as it’s not being served up by an ‘real’ chef  who thinks it should be served raw, and only ‘threatened with hot water for a few seconds.

I want my pasta cooked PROPERLY, not like some rare steak with the blood still dripping from it.

10 minutes?

NAH… double, and add some more time, just to be sure, please.

I also prefer a homogenous ‘mess’, as opposed to a plate of naked spaghetti with a blob of sauce (or something) dumped on top.



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