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Is it OK to complain a little about Sauchiehall Street avenues?

I’ve mentioned the project to revitalise Sauchiehall Street via the ‘Avenues’ project, and the sound of irritating whining coming from a few special interest groups who think they deserved special treatment – and didn’t get it (in their opinion).

So, I’m a bit wary of making a complaint myself, but if I don’t, who will?

The project is nearing completion, and the pic I grabbed a few days ago shows the place is really beginning to look a lot better now that the works are finally being cleared away.

Sauchiehall Street Avenue

Sauchiehall Street Avenue


There’s an itsy bitsy teeny weeny problem hidden in that otherwise quite nice view.

Not evident in the pic is the slightly poor finish of the black tarmac cycle lane.

I’ve ridden along it a few time now, and it’s not a pleasant experience – in fact, I usually cycle along the line of the left border.

The border on the right looks similar in the pic, but is actually raised, to separate it from the footpath to the right.

Unfortunately, the tarmacked path is far from level, and after riding along it for a while, if you are susceptible to sea-sickness, I suspect you might end up feeling a tad queasy if you stayed on it.

By way of contrast, the stone paved areas are smooth, and don’t suffer from the pitching induced by the wavy surface of the black-top.

Sorry, but I can only report what I find.

I’m not sure what they might have done wrong here, since tarmac road can be silky smooth, so there’s no reason for this to be wavy.

Perhaps they didn’t use large enough compacting or rolling plant to finish it?


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