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People’s Palace Winter Garden closure clue

Just a quick update, away from the stupid politics some people seem to think is helpful.

As soon as the Winter Garden was closed, the windows were treated to a coat of the white stuff used on greenhouse or glasshouse windows, presumably to deter sightseers – even though access is now limited by security fencing.

Closed Winter Garden West

Closed Winter Garden West


Closed Winter Garden South

Closed Winter Garden South


Closed Winter Garden North

Closed Winter Garden North


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Weirdest obesity ‘fix’ you are likely to hear

I had to give this gem a quick mention.

Glasgow City Council is currently seeking views on the introduction of a city-wide 20 mph speed limit.

Obviously, this is bringing out a lot of people with polarised opinions, and they are bringing all sort of studies showing how such a limit would reduce injuries from collisions, and some who are popping up with claims that it would make no difference.

Simple physics tells us the latter group are mad, or bad, or have some other agenda, but let’s ignore that for now.

The most amusing claim I spotted was one that claims a 20 mph speed limit would help cure child obesity (reduce the number of fat kids).

Cutting the speed limit to 20mph in all urban areas could help counter Scotland’s obesity epidemic, a leading child health expert has said.

Professor Steve Turner of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health said the move – being proposed by Green MSP Mark Ruskell – would help encourage more families to get outdoors with their youngsters and take part in physical activities.

Mr Ruskell has brought forward a Member’s Bill at Holyrood in a bid to introduce a 20mph speed limit in all built-up areas.

Prof Turner hailed the Bill as a “significant step in the right direction towards achieving safer roads for all”, adding the slower traffic would help make parents feel more confident about allowing children to play outside.

The expert said: “Slower traffic will encourage children to walk and change their lifestyle to one which counters the obesity epidemic.

“Parents will not have the confidence to allow their children to play outside if our country’s roads are too dangerous. Reducing the speed limit in built-up areas will help to reduce fatalities on the road and make outdoor activity a more attractive option for children and their families.

“More than a quarter of Scottish children are overweight or obese, and this is associated with childhood mental health and orthopaedic problems and putting them on course to develop potentially devastating illnesses which include type 2 diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart disease in early adulthood.

“Regular physical activity helps to keep children a healthy weight, and contributes to greater wellbeing. The Restricted Roads (20 mph Speed Limit) (Scotland) Bill marks a significant step in the right direction towards achieving safer roads for all, and thus, safer spaces for children across Scotland to spend their all-important recreational time outdoors.”

Glasgow’s urban roads could have 20mph speed limit enforced in bid to combat obesity

Sorry, but to me this sound like a Green Loony trying to spin a story and gain support for his bill than anything that might actually have a significant effect on cutting obesity.

I believe this is called playing the… THINK OF THE CHILDREN! card.

I think they’d be better trying to sell the reality of lesser injuries and fatalities at 30 mph than 20 mph, due to reduced kinetic energy at impact.

I’m pretty sure that could be shown to outweigh (oops, sorry) any fat reduction.

I’m not promoting, or suggesting this view from 2016 is correct, merely citing it as an example of someone trying to argue that 20 mph causes increased pollution, so they think 20 mph is a BAD idea.

Is a 20 mph speed limit really safer?

20 MPH

20 mph

Just one observation.

I live in some burbs where 20’s Plenty signs (ie not compulsory) have been stuck up everywhere.

The thing that makes me laugh is that I’d have to use all 300+ horses in my car to REACH 30 on many of the very short roads these signs have been placed on.

By the time you reach even 20, you’re braking for the end of the road!

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Cat fall mode – Class: Expert

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Transport stories always seem to miss the point

Since I started looking (a little closer) at media coverage of transport, congestion, and pollution, it seems to be a very poorly understood set of subjects.

If I dismiss the Moron Comment section first, this seems to be a really sad and virtually useless offering.

While there are a few who make useful comments, most of the content is either from the sort of clown who cannot get a hearing anywhere else, and can only get their say in places such as this where they basically get a ‘Free Go’; or it comes from people who are Armchair Experts who have all the answers, but (fortunately) never have to prove their ideas.

The rest is mostly filled with car/bus/lorry/bike/pedestrian haters, who simply pick on the group they hate most, and blame its me,ber sfor EVERYTHING.

Surprisingly, although this article is mainly about Edinburgh, the most accurate comment came from a bus operator…

The call comes a year after bus operator Lothian said Edinburgh was being strangled by a “huge circle of congestion”.

I see many talk about gridlock in Glasgow, but if you actually get up and go out and LOOK at the traffic, you will find this is not exactly true.

City centre streets are now surprisingly free-flowing (if you don’t look when the lights are red), and even at peak times such as 17:00 – 18:00 can be found to suddenly become deserted at times. I know, I cycle these streets now.

But there IS gridlock.


In Glasgow, you can see this on the Clyde Expressway, and the Kingston Bridge, ie, a sort of ‘circle of congestion’, only it’s concentrated at the west end of the city centre,

But is it even true gridlock, or just the effect of peak travel time?

Could that be better managed?

We may never know, as those responsible still seem to be ignoring the “huge circle of congestion” around the perimeter (of both Edinburgh and Glasgow), and concentrating on the streets within, where the traffic is almost OK – until the stuff from the ‘circle of congestion’ touches it.

I’d take a pic, but all a still pic shows is still traffic.

Maybe I really will have to start taking more video, which would show how the traffic is moving, or not, as the case may be.


Priority for buses over other vehicles in Scotland’s cities, urges traffic commissioner

Oh look – gridlock 🙂



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Billy Connolly’s latest documentary sparks intriguing responses

Billy Connolly was one of those things I almost missed, and simply didn’t realise he was around, or so popular when he was already famous.

I just used to trip over his sketches on the radio, and then later on TV. But even then I was just not ‘aware’.

Seems that those who really liked him had his material on 33 1/3 LP records, which I saw changing hands occasionally.

On the other hand, I’ve really enjoyed those occasions when I’ve ‘found’ his performances, and then his later TV specials.

His most recent 2-part documentary makes for interesting watching…

Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland

No rush, although I jumped to catch it, I could have waited – it will be available online for a year.

There’s been some pretty rapid feedback after the broadcast.

Billy Connolly assures fans he’s ‘not dying’ after documentary on his Parkinson’s battle

Barrowlands in call for Billy Connolly to do one last show at the iconic venue

Calls for Glasgow Airport to be renamed after Sir Billy Connolly

Calls made for Glasgow Airport to be renamed after Billy Connolly

It will be interesting to see if anything comes of these thoughts.

Sad politics

Sadly, the same morons who feel the need to twist every comments section after media articles into a ‘Free Go’ for their disgusting political views didn’t see fit to leave Billy Connolly alone, and used the stories to spread their toxic material, political propaganda, and hate against not only him, but also his wife.

Not nice.

Not necessary.

Billy Connolly Mural Osborne Street Old Wynd

Osborne Street Old Wynd


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