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Billy Connolly’s latest documentary sparks intriguing responses

Billy Connolly was one of those things I almost missed, and simply didn’t realise he was around, or so popular when he was already famous.

I just used to trip over his sketches on the radio, and then later on TV. But even then I was just not ‘aware’.

Seems that those who really liked him had his material on 33 1/3 LP records, which I saw changing hands occasionally.

On the other hand, I’ve really enjoyed those occasions when I’ve ‘found’ his performances, and then his later TV specials.

His most recent 2-part documentary makes for interesting watching…

Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland

No rush, although I jumped to catch it, I could have waited – it will be available online for a year.

There’s been some pretty rapid feedback after the broadcast.

Billy Connolly assures fans he’s ‘not dying’ after documentary on his Parkinson’s battle

Barrowlands in call for Billy Connolly to do one last show at the iconic venue

Calls for Glasgow Airport to be renamed after Sir Billy Connolly

Calls made for Glasgow Airport to be renamed after Billy Connolly

It will be interesting to see if anything comes of these thoughts.

Sad politics

Sadly, the same morons who feel the need to twist every comments section after media articles into a ‘Free Go’ for their disgusting political views didn’t see fit to leave Billy Connolly alone, and used the stories to spread their toxic material, political propaganda, and hate against not only him, but also his wife.

Not nice.

Not necessary.

Billy Connolly Mural Osborne Street Old Wynd

Osborne Street Old Wynd



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