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Did Green Loonies make same mistake as eBay in Glasgow?

I’ve no time for Green Loonies even on a good day, but I couldn’t help wonder if they went a step too far in their latest silly stunt played in Glasgow.

We recently saw eBay shoot itself in the foot by addressing Glaswegians in Glasgow as ‘Weegies’.

Did a group of unknown Green Loonies do something similar by hijacking a Glasgow institution?

Campaigners have placed a green cone on the Duke of Wellington’s head to send out a stark warning to Glaswegians of the dangers of climate change.

Extinction Rebellion Glasgow, a group which looks to combat the onrushing threat of climate catastrophe, made the statement yesterday.

They replaced the usual orange cone – which famously sits on the head of the iconic landmark – with a green one in hopes that it will catch the eye of locals and tourists, forcing them to stop and think about the future of the planet.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for the group said: “Today, Extinction Rebellion Glasgow laid claim to our city and took the equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington as a symbolic act, to let our city know that change is coming.”

It’s just one of many bold statements made by Extinction Rebellion, who are a global movement and operate with no hierarchical structure.

Recent action by activists in Scotland include the interrupting of a meeting of Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard and lobbying the BBC.

Campaigners put green cone on Duke of Wellington’s head as stark climate change warning

What a bunch of useless sados.

Whatever message they MIGHT have conveyed was lost in the abuse of one of the city’s icons.

Green Cone On Duke Of Wellington Pic Credit GlasgowLive

Green Cone On Duke Of Wellington Pic Credit GlasgowLive


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