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Today, I learned something new – there’s a Glasgow Uni accent (and a Strathclyde Uni Glasgow Patter aid)

Sometimes I get a REAL surprise, especially when I see an article about something in Glasgow which I’ve NEVER heard of, come across before, or ever heard anyone else mention in conversation.

Such was my reaction when I read a news article which informed me that not only was there a ‘Glasgow Uni accent’, but that it apparently ‘drives half the city up the wall’.

Well THAT was a surprise!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that anyone in possession of a Glasgow University matric card speaks, well, a certain way.

Okay, so not everyone who ends up in the hallowed halls of Glasgow’s oldest university ends up speaking like landed gentry – but it has to be said, a high number of students end up with “that accent”.

And it happens to drive some Glaswegians up the wall.

In fact, if hipster bashing is the sport then that ‘Glasgow Uni’ accent is the ball.

The Glasgow Uni accent – and why it drives half the city up the wall

The only thing I can think of is that this story is about what we, or my family and friends in the east end of Glasgow used to refer to as ‘Kelvinside’.

Unfortunately, I can’t write that word the same way it was pronounced when it was raised in conversation.

Maybe somebody out there knows better.

I’d also almost completely forgotten about it, until I read the article about the Glasgow Uni accent.



Meanwhile, over at Strathclyde University

They’ve published a little online guide to the Glasgow Patter, to help new arrivals make sense  of some of the words they’ll never heard at home, but will have to get used to.

Glasgow Patter (Glaswegian) (pdf file)

Strathclyde University Glasgow Patter

Strathclyde University Glasgow Patter

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