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Die Affäre Borgward – a treat for Classic Car fans

I’m not going to go into any great detail about this one.

In fact, the only reason I’m making the post is to make those who may be interested aware of this German docudrama film online.

I should also add it is a German production, so is in German with no dialogue translation.

That said, those familiar with the story won’t really need it.

This little summary of the end is pretty close, and is what this film is about…

The end of the Borgward Group is a shameful story. The Government of the state of Bremen (where Borgwards were built) claimed that Borgward was insolvent,and then effectively compulsorily acquired the company. They then side-stepped all schemes which might have saved the firm, putting the cars out of production and selling up the assets. All creditors were paid in full, proving that the company had never been insolvent after all but governments that act improperly are always above the law. Borgward died a broken man in 1963. There is some evidence that other car makers were involved in the plot to destroy Borgward, but the full truth has not yet been revealed.

Die Affäre Borgward 87 min.

Der Name des Automobilherstellers Carl F.W. Borgward ist noch heute ein Synonym für das westdeutsche Wirtschaftswunder. Für Hundertausende ist die “Isabella” das erste Auto nach dem Krieg. Doch 1961 geht das Unternehmen überraschend pleite.

The name of the car manufacturer Carl F.W. Borgward is still synonymous with the West German economic miracle. For hundreds of thousands, the “Isabella” is the first car after the war. But in 1961, the company is surprisingly broke.

I’ve no idea how long the link given will stay live.

So, if interested, I suggest watching soon.

As seen in the film, Carl Borgward stands in the road beside his car, seconds after hearing the news about his company over the car radio.

Borgward News

Borgward News


I had feedback about the link given above, with some problems viewing.

I received an alternate link which seems to have worked for those having a problem with the first.

Die Affäre Borgward

Now on YouTube

This link turned up a few days later.


There was a Borgward dealer for Scotland, operated by the Burns Statue Square Garage in Ayr.

I’m always zooming into pics I find of the square, in hopes of finding the garage shows some evidence of this, but have never found anything.

If you have a pic you are willing to share that does show this, I’d love to hear about it.


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