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Edinburgh follows Glasgow’s lead

While I don’t really like the hostility (or rivalry) some seem to genuinely promote between Edinburgh and Glasgow, I’m not going to ignore genuine opportunities to reflect the pair.

In this case, it’s the adoption of Low Emission Zones by the two cities, already underway in Glasgow, and a year away for Edinburgh.

Like the Glasgow case, the only sad thing about this news is the sheer lunacy of the campaigners who are spouting the usual rubbish about car exhausts killing people, as if they were dropping in the streets like flies.

If it wasn’t so silly, tragic, and counterproductive, it would be funny.

But it’s disingenuous nonsense, as it completely negates the efforts made over the years with various emission controls enforced on vehicles for decades, and the elimination of leaded petrol, which was a REAL danger at ground level, and has been banished from our roads.

But why let a little reality waste the panic and scare-mongering efforts of the activists and campaigners?

Cllr Doran has also highlighted the importance of tackling poor levels of air pollution, which she labelled a “silent killer”.

She added: “I always used to say Scotland has beautiful, clean air – but it has most certainly not. You always used to think Scotland had clean air because of the mountains and all the outdoors – but you cannot possibly say that in any way, shape or form.

“We are pushing our buggies along the road at car exhaust level. That is the most frightening thought and it is happening every single day. I would love to give a gift of clean air to future generations.”

The council will also bring forward plans for a Low Emission Zone next year, as well as specific proposals for monthly ‘open streets’ events on Sundays.

Cllr Doran said: “The LEZ will be for Edinburgh, it’s very ambitious for Edinburgh. People have to travel from city to city so there has to be a bit of joint working on how that will work.

“We can’t say people are not going to change, so what’s the point – the city will just grind to a stop. What we need is a city that is moveable and breathable and you can actually get around.”

Green councillors have called on the council to ensure that reality matches ambition. City centre Cllr Claire Miller said: “Across the world city centres are transforming away from car-dominated places of congestion and air pollution. Right now, Oslo, for example, is taking out car-parking spaces in its city centre so that pedestrians and cyclists come first.

Plans to ‘open up streets to pedestrians and cyclists’ in Edinburgh

The Green Loonies, campaigners, and activists are becoming little more than whining irritants nowadays, seeking to negate all the gains made to date, and trying to suggest that things are worse today than they were in the past, as if no progress has ever been made.

Have a look at the Moron Comment section after the following article, which simply reports some factual numbers, yet is met with much negative reactive from a certain type of respondent, which I will not identify again, other than to say they are sad, and not helping.

Greenhouse gas emissions by Scottish industry at 10-year low

Seriously, you can’t go on and on responding negatively, or rubbishing EVERY news item that reports advances in emissions or pollution control, and expect to be taken seriously.

I don’t mind admitting I no longer listen to, or give any credibility to any ‘Green’ activists or campaigners. Even before they start, I’ve turned off as I feel as if they are treating me like an idiot,

Now that I regularly cycle Glasgow city centre, I OBJECT to campaigners who TELL me I’m cycling in polluted, gridlocked, and congested streets they illustrate with pics like the one below – when my EYES (and nose) tell me they are spouting rubbish.

Campaigner Road Pic

Campaigner Road Pic

The realty of Glasgow is this pic, recently taken in Trongate at peak evening traffic time.

Full disclosure – I had to wait for the traffic lights to turn green, or I’d have taken the pic the same way ‘campaigners’ do, to make the street look as if it was blocked by traffic, which was really just waiting for the lights to turn from red to green.

If I’d wanted to be as ‘naughty’ as them, I’d have waited until the whole line had cleared, and shown an EMPTY street.

Gridlocked Glasgow Trongate

Gridlocked Glasgow Trongate


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