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New rules of the road – is there enough publicity?

As a ‘State Registered Cynic’ 🙂 I feel as if I’m in danger of being grouped along with the useless cycling campaigners and activists by making this post, but I’ll take the chance.

There seems to be an unfortunate trend in recent years, to make new laws in response to some crimes/offences, instead of just enforcing existing legislation with a tad more vigour. I read somewhere that the number ran into the low thousands, but wasn’t really paying attention. However, I suspect it may be true, as it’s probably easier for ‘politicians’ to stand up and point at legislation they may have been responsible for having introduced, and so deflect attention from the real question of number of offenders who have been apprehended.

I noticed an article which highlighted changes to the law this year…

Overtaking cyclists and new MOT rules: Changes to driving laws in 2019 that you need to know

And warned…

New laws and regulations are coming into force for motorists this year, so make sure you’re up to date..

Such as…

As of March, motorists can be fined for not leaving enough room between a car and a bike when passing.

The current law states motorists should leave at least 1.5m distance. This is to be taken more seriously with the introduction of a monetary penalty and police will be penalising those who get dangerously close.

Not leaving enough space could leave you £100 down with three points on your license.

My apologies for giving a cycling example, but it’s also the only illustration given with specifics and the penalty scheme.

Well, they did give some for ‘Smart Motorways’, but I suspect we won’t see any of those for a while.

While I will take a moment to (again) distance myself from any campaigners or activists, I’m also not blind to what I see when I am out and about.

Without making any sort of political point, I can see there are generally few police to be seen on the streets, and apart from periods of raised awareness, I seldom see them on the road.

So, I have to ask what the chances are of any offending motorist who clearly passes well below the 1.5 m clearance of a cyclist being pulled up?

I merely ask the question, given the lack of police visibility.

I’d quite like to see such offenders being inconvenience by a police stop/caution/fine/points.

However, unlike cycling campaigners and activists, I’m also going to compliment the vast majority of Glasgow motorists, who actually appear to be scared of me when I’m on the road on my bike, such is the clearance they usually give me.

It’s also almost embarrassing when I meet some coming towards me, especially on side streets with parked vehicles, as they often pull in behind those vehicles and wait for me to pass.

And, yes, I DO give them a wave of acknowledgement and thanks as I pass them.

I think it’s time many other cyclist did this too.

Perhaps things would improve if this was the norm, instead of the ANGRY CYCLIST we often see in videos they post when they believe they have been wronged, go chasing after motorists, start banging on their cars, and shouting abuse at the driver.

I sometimes think it is no great surprise that some cyclists think drivers are terrible, and just don’t understand most people’s response when subject to ‘passive aggressive’, or just ‘aggressive’, behaviour towards them.

You may indeed have been wronged, but there is truth in the saying that “Two wrongs don’t make a right”.

How many ‘problems’ in this video are down to the cyclist looking for trouble, and causing confrontations, when things could have been defused simply by everyone just getting out of one another’s faces, and carrying on their own way? Instead, he can’t resist stopping, provoking, and escalating.

I don’t know who this is, nor do I want to.

I just want to be as far away as possible from him, and his ‘attitude’.


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