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Maid of the Lock slip seems to have generated another spurious headline (or clickbait?)

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed an apparent trend for media articles to state one thing in their headline, then report a lesser story in their text.

I’m almost tempted to start posting these as I spot them, to see if I am imagining it, or if news editors (or their army of hacks, desperate to get earn a wee bonus) have issued an instruction that articles must be given a headline that will attract readers/clicks.

Most recent was a follow-up to yesterday’s incident involving the Maid of the Loch, when something broke/failed as she was being winched up the old slip at Balloch, and she slid back into the water.

While this could have been dramatic, the video I saw showed a fairly leisurely incident, and no real haste by those nearby to run for their lives.

That said, I acknowledge my observation could be entirely in error, and a different viewpoint may have shown many people were lucky not to be killed or injured.

I don’t know.

However, today we have this headline…

HSE probe after Maid of the Loch breaks free

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, that wording implies that the HSE initiated a probe into the incident.


When I looked at the small print in the article, I learned that…

“The Board of the Loch Lomond Steamship Company met this morning and have agreed to commission an independent inquiry into the cause of the incident.

“Appropriate consultants are being contacted and the incident has been reported to the HSE.”

So there is not actually any HSE probe into the incident at this stage, and it may ultimately choose not even to look into it.

Source: HSE probe after Maid of the Loch breaks free

Maid of the Loch 2017

Maid of the Loch 2017


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Busy day after predatory pick-up ‘artist’ outed in Glasgow

Only one day after the revelation that a pick-up ‘artist’ had been targeting Glasgow’s female population for his nasty hobby and secretly videoing them for his YouTube channel, it looks as there have been a number of developments.

While there are a number of reports on an arrest, none have so far been specific as regards who, or why…

A man has been arrested in connection with a viral video that encouraged men to target woman for sex in Glasgow.

The 37-year-old was held after police launched an investigation into the YouTube clip widely shared on social media on Wednesday.

It followed a BBC report highlighting the tactics being used to “pick up” women by some men.

The video in question was from a YouTube channel with 4370 subscribers and titles including ‘How to have fast sex with hot girls’.

The misogynistic videos instruct men to treat women poorly in order to attract them, among other things, and the police described the man’s actions in the videos as “predatory”.

‘Pick-up artist’ YouTube videos lead to man’s arrest

Other articles…

Man arrested as police probe Glasgow YouTube videos

Man arrested over ‘predatory’ online videos

Police arrest man in connection with alleged ‘pick-up artist’ videos

None of these mention a charge, or give anything other than generalised comments, so this individual may have nothing to do with the incidents referred to, and many be released after assisting police.


Not sure how much use an organised protest is against someone who is now on record as stating…

Mr Ahmed, known to his YouTube followers as “Addy Agame”, has defended his videos, which he said were nothing more than a “bunch of guys talking to a bunch of girls”.

He’s not interested.

And thinks people are stupid, or that he’s ‘smart’ by using ‘Weasel Words’.

But there is one planned for Saturday…

A protest will take place in the city centre this weekend against a man who allegedly secretly filmed himself chatting up women.

As reported on Glasgow Live, Adnan ‘agame’ Ahmed – who runs the DWLF YouTube page and website – has been posting videos online.

Police Scotland has said it is investigating the videos.

And a public demonstration is now taking place on Saturday.

Organised by the Empowered Women Project, the demo aims to show that the women of Glasgow “won’t stand for this behaviour”.

A post on the event Facebook page reads: “This is for anyone who has seen and been affected by the recent video which surfaced yesterday about a certain “A-Game” who called himself a professional pick up artist. I want to show him that our opinion does matter and that we won’t stand for his behaviour towards women…”

Protest taking place against Glasgow ‘pick up artist’ who secretly films girls for website

Addy 'agame' Internet pic

Addy ‘agame’ – Adnan ‘agame’ Ahmed – Internet pic

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The People’s Friend hits the 150 year mark

Making it more successful and durable than many others, it seems The People’s Friend magazine has made to its 150th year of publication.

Publication began on 13 on January 1869, but it took until 11 May 1946, before the familiar illustrated cover first appeared.

Since then, it seems each cover has been hand-drawn and signed J Campbell Kerr, however, that is an alias for many artists who have worked on the cover illustrations over the years.

By the numbers, the magazine now sells more than 170,000 copies a week, and has readership of around 400,000.

Beginning as a publication with something for the whole family, it has evolved over the years, becoming a magazine for women (younger housewives) around the time of World War I.

By the 1970s and 1980s, its readers had become older, younger women had started to work full-time, and the average age of readers is now late 60s.

First Illustrated People's Friend Cover 1946

First Illustrated People’s Friend Cover 1946

I haven’t seen inside one for years, but I was once a regular reader for a week or two every year.

We used to holiday in Ayr, staying in a room let by two elderly (to me at least) sisters, and had the run of their house while they were at work during the day.

Most mornings I could be found reading all the magazines they had lying around the house, which feature a LOT of People’s Friend magazines.

Seems it is now a major publisher of magazine fiction, with some  600 short stories appearing every year.

The weekly magazine also spawns a three weekly special and an annual.

It is the longest-running weekly magazine in the world and was first published ten years before Thomas Edison patented the electric lightbulb.

Now the People’s Friend is to mark its impressive 150th anniversary with a year-long series of events and celebrations.

First published in Dundee on 13 January, 1869, a copy of the magazine is still sold every 3.44 seconds – almost nine million copies a year.

Pitched as a magazine to “entertain and instruct” its readers, the People’s Friend was originally designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, read out around the fireplace. It subsequently morphed into a female-focused publication as men went off to fight in the First World War and now includes around 600 short stories every year.

Now with a total readership of 400,000, it is also exported each week to 20,000 readers as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

Angela Gilchrist, editor-in-chief of The People’s Friend since 2007, said the magazine still stands by its founding principles to ensure it contains nothing that could “corrupt the morals either of old or young”.

She said: “We’re proud to have maintained the founding values of the magazine. They are embedded into the ethos of the magazine – this is what The Friend is about and what it stands for.

“The famous founding statement which was in the first issue talks about ‘Nothing in the columns intended to corrupt the morals of young or old’ and that is very much the principle of the magazine. There will be nothing to upset or offend. The Friend is all about entertainment so people feel better for reading it, not saddened, upset or frightened in any way.”

Scottish women’s magazine The People’s Friend marks 150 years

From what I remember, I don’t think I’d argue with that.

Peoples Friend 150th Anniversary 2019

Peoples Friend 150th Anniversary 2019

There’s just one question raised by the above…

If it “was first published ten years before Thomas Edison patented the electric lightbulb“, how did they read it at night?

Just kidding 🙂

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So, the EU has a ‘Right to repair’ plan

After I made a post about people repairing stuff, I saw an article referring to an EU plan about a ‘Right to Repair’.

The most interesting part was not so much the plan, but that the writer was a realist…

But in truth, much of what is darkly referred to as “planned obsolescence” probably isn’t anything of the sort. Sometimes it’s just a side-effect of cut-throat consumer price wars, and the pressure to build things as cheaply as possible, which means cutting corners on durability. And sometimes it’s more to do with technology’s restless habit of overtaking itself.

‘Make do and mend’ is a good green motto for our wasteful times

I’ve long held that all the claims of whining ‘Consumer Rights’ campaigners that manufacturers deliberately build stuff to fail quickly, and force buyers to replace them are utter nonsense – and simply evidence of more useless campaigners and activists we could all do without.

A realist only has to look at the damage done, especially in recent years, where a major company has actually been found, by evidence, to have been running some sort of underhand scheme, to see that this is counterproductive.

They have reputations which those ‘campaigners and activists’ (and maybe competitors) are over-eager to destroy, so cannot really afford to do many of the silly things that they are supposed to.

Look at the cost of recalls when a component failure is found.

As noted by the writer above, the real problem manufacturers have is balancing the cost of making a reliable product  via mass-production, but keeping the price down.

Although it’s an old series now, I recommend tracking down “The Secret Life of Machines”, presented by Tim Hunkin, and made in the late 1970s and 1980s. It would be interesting to see a remake today, now that the microcontroller is so widely utilised, and so many analogue/mechanical systems have been displaced by digital systems. For example, the video cassette recorder is now gone, and digital video has replaced it completely.

I think it was the episode on washing machines, but even then he was moved to observe that while it was sad to see how cheaply some of them were manufactured, he also had to admire the engineering, as they were so much simpler than their predecessors from earlier years, yet lasted so much better.

In most cases, it’s probably true to say that many failures are down to owner/operator abuse, rather than failure of the parts or design.

There’s also the desire of many consumers to have the ‘Latest Shiny Thing’.

I’ve picked up many gadgets thrown out by people, left at the side of the road for the binmen to collect with the rest of their rubbish.

So far, I’ve brought home fully working televisions, videos, CD/DVD players, amplifiers, even bathroom scales, and items as small as USB chargers.

All clearly dumped because they were just yesterday’s model, and unwanted even though they were working.


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Not sure – BJ 7

First interesting registration seen this year (well, locally, not in Glasgow city, where it’s too easy), and I’m not sure I’d want to live behind it.

I’m sure the jokes about BJ 7 would soon become boring, or worse.

Apart from that, I like it – even if I do hear the theme song to ‘BJ and the Bear’ echoing in my head every time I look at it – EVERY… DAMNED… TIME!

Sad to see a BMW X6 with a depressing diesel too, so this one was doubly disappointing.

2018 BMW X6 D [BJ 7]

2018 BMW X6 D [BJ 7]

This particular pic has confirmed a new irritation in WordPress (which is becoming quite irritating for a number of other reasons – and I don’t really want to change platforms) – when I upload a pic, the code now seems to change all the file name characters to lower case, so I have to edit it to keep it spelling and grammar correct in captions and the like.


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For those suffering People’s Palace Winter Garden withdrawal symptoms

While the People’s Palace is only close until April to allow modifications to be carried out to entry/exit facilities, there’s no escaping the extended closure the Winter Garden will endure until anything up to £7.5 million is ‘magicked’ to allow extensive maintenance work to be carried out the 100+ year old ironwork and glazing.

I took a casual walk around the beds shortly before many of the plants were removed and sent to other glasshouses.

Strangely, unlike some moronic attention-seeking MPs, I anticipated that Glasgow City Council might do something.

Quite why I should be smarter than an MP I don’t really know.

Then again, I don’t get any free publicity, or noticed by media by making a fuss one way or the other.

These pics are not really in any special order, not have they been processed to get the best out of them – they’re just a photographic memo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can see the later appearance of the beds when I caught them being cleared shortly before the closure day.

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YouTube pick-up ‘artist’ chooses Glasgow for his nasty games

Interesting – I clearly don’t spend enough time on YouTube…

A pickup artist who secretly films himself chatting up women for his YouTube channel has been slammed online.

Addy ‘agame’ – who runs the DWLF YouTube page and website – has been blasted by a Glasgow councillor after his videos emerged on social media, as reported by the Daily Record.

His site claims to help people “master your masculine qualities”, offering 1-to-1 coaching on how to “interact with hot girls”.

It adds: “Learn how to approach, talk, text, date and have sex with beautiful women. Be the chooser, not the chosen.”

However it is the videos on DWLF’s YouTube channel – which often shows Addy attempting to talk to unsuspecting women in Glasgow (interactions he calls “infields”) – that have caused the most outrage.

Outrage over Glasgow ‘pick up artist’ who secretly films girls for website

He even managed to get THREE articles raised about his activities by the one news source.

Add this one…

A Glasgow nightclub has banned Addy ‘agame’ from entering its venue after outrage was sparked when he secretly filmed himself chatting up girls.

As reported on Glasgow Live, Addy ‘agame’ – who runs the DWLF YouTube page and website – was blasted by Councillor Rhiannon Spear after his videos emerged on social media.

Many have been left outraged at the content of his website, which claims to help people “master your masculine qualities”, and offers one-to-one coaching on how to “interact with hot girls”.

His videos have caused concern among the public and attracted the attention of MSPs over issues of consent and the treatment of women.

In the clips, he and his friends follow girls and make unsolicited approaches in Glasgow city centre, utilising areas such as Buchanan Galleries and the St Enoch Centre while secretly filming.

During one of the incidents, Addy asks a young woman if she is “getting p****d tonight” before urging her to meet him in the city’s Kokomo nightclub, which he and his pals are known to frequent.

Glasgow nightclub ban ‘pick up artist’ after outrage sparked over secretly filming girls

And this one…

Police Scotland has said it is investigating a series of videos posted online which show a man secretly filming himself chatting up women on the streets of Glasgow.

As reported on Glasgow Live , Addy ‘agame’ – who runs the DWLF YouTube page and website – is seen walking around the city making ‘unsolicited approaches’ to girls.

Many have been left outraged at the content of his website, which claims to help people “master your masculine qualities”, and offers one-to-one coaching on how to “interact with hot girls”.

His videos have caused concern among the public and attracted the attention of MSPs over issues of consent and the treatment of women.

And now Police Scotland has called this type of behaviour ‘predatory’, ‘shameful and unacceptable’.

‘This predatory behaviour is shameful and unacceptable’ – Police respond to Glasgow ‘pick up artist’ videos

I wonder how much cash he offers them?

They can’t be speaking to him based on that face!

Addy 'agame' Internet pic

Addy ‘agame’ Internet pic

His activities have attracted the attention of the police, as follows…

Officers are investigating and have asked for anyone with information to come forward.

A statement posted on the force’s social media page reads: “We are aware of the videos posted online, offering advice and guidance on how to ‘pick up’ the opposite sex, particularly young women.

“This type of predatory behaviour is shameful and unacceptable and will undoubtedly cause significant fear and alarm. No-one should be subjected to this.

“We are investigating but our enquiries are at a very early stage. We would ask anyone with information regarding such individuals to contact us on 101. In an emergency always call 999.‎”

None of the article, or the police, added the restriction of taking pictures/video on private property.

While there are virtually no restrictions on taking pics on public property or land, this is not the case when on private property or land.

There, you must obtain the owner’s consent.

If you don’t, they can call the police, and they can confiscate your equipment, which includes a visit to your home and confiscating computers which may be used to store images.

With so many people pointing camera phones at everything everywhere, strangely, this restriction seems to have been largely forgotten.

But I do know people who fell foul of this restriction in the past, when cameras were more prevalent.

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