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Busy day after predatory pick-up ‘artist’ outed in Glasgow

Only one day after the revelation that a pick-up ‘artist’ had been targeting Glasgow’s female population for his nasty hobby and secretly videoing them for his YouTube channel, it looks as there have been a number of developments.

While there are a number of reports on an arrest, none have so far been specific as regards who, or why…

A man has been arrested in connection with a viral video that encouraged men to target woman for sex in Glasgow.

The 37-year-old was held after police launched an investigation into the YouTube clip widely shared on social media on Wednesday.

It followed a BBC report highlighting the tactics being used to “pick up” women by some men.

The video in question was from a YouTube channel with 4370 subscribers and titles including ‘How to have fast sex with hot girls’.

The misogynistic videos instruct men to treat women poorly in order to attract them, among other things, and the police described the man’s actions in the videos as “predatory”.

‘Pick-up artist’ YouTube videos lead to man’s arrest

Other articles…

Man arrested as police probe Glasgow YouTube videos

Man arrested over ‘predatory’ online videos

Police arrest man in connection with alleged ‘pick-up artist’ videos

None of these mention a charge, or give anything other than generalised comments, so this individual may have nothing to do with the incidents referred to, and many be released after assisting police.


Not sure how much use an organised protest is against someone who is now on record as stating…

Mr Ahmed, known to his YouTube followers as “Addy Agame”, has defended his videos, which he said were nothing more than a “bunch of guys talking to a bunch of girls”.

He’s not interested.

And thinks people are stupid, or that he’s ‘smart’ by using ‘Weasel Words’.

But there is one planned for Saturday…

A protest will take place in the city centre this weekend against a man who allegedly secretly filmed himself chatting up women.

As reported on Glasgow Live, Adnan ‘agame’ Ahmed – who runs the DWLF YouTube page and website – has been posting videos online.

Police Scotland has said it is investigating the videos.

And a public demonstration is now taking place on Saturday.

Organised by the Empowered Women Project, the demo aims to show that the women of Glasgow “won’t stand for this behaviour”.

A post on the event Facebook page reads: “This is for anyone who has seen and been affected by the recent video which surfaced yesterday about a certain “A-Game” who called himself a professional pick up artist. I want to show him that our opinion does matter and that we won’t stand for his behaviour towards women…”

Protest taking place against Glasgow ‘pick up artist’ who secretly films girls for website

Addy 'agame' Internet pic

Addy ‘agame’ – Adnan ‘agame’ Ahmed – Internet pic


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