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Not sure – BJ 7

First interesting registration seen this year (well, locally, not in Glasgow city, where it’s too easy), and I’m not sure I’d want to live behind it.

I’m sure the jokes about BJ 7 would soon become boring, or worse.

Apart from that, I like it – even if I do hear the theme song to ‘BJ and the Bear’ echoing in my head every time I look at it – EVERY… DAMNED… TIME!

Sad to see a BMW X6 with a depressing diesel too, so this one was doubly disappointing.

2018 BMW X6 D [BJ 7]

2018 BMW X6 D [BJ 7]

This particular pic has confirmed a new irritation in WordPress (which is becoming quite irritating for a number of other reasons – and I don’t really want to change platforms) – when I upload a pic, the code now seems to change all the file name characters to lower case, so I have to edit it to keep it spelling and grammar correct in captions and the like.



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