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Looks like Edinburghers don’t share Glaswegians sense of humour (just kidding)

I don’t know if this article is serious or not, I really just can’t gauge the tone.

However, I am sure I’m sad that the recent two-part Billy Connolly documentary was used to fuel it…

Then, my mate brought up the Connolly documentary, more specifically the bit in part one where Sharleen Spiteri takes a random pop at Edinburgh, even attempting a posh accent and my mood started to resemble Tony Montana’s in the final scene of Scarface.

The Texas singer said and I quote – “Glasgow was the arse end of Scotland because Edinburgh always got (attempts Miss Jean Brodie accent) ‘oh it’s lovely in Edinburgh – we’ve got a castle and it’s all fabulous’.” Really Sharleen?

The gist of what she was saying plays on the tired old notion of Edinburgh punters being “stuck up” and Glaswegians being a friendlier bunch.

I’ve listened to that type of inverted snobbery my whole life and feel it’s time to consign this dreary inter-city rivalry to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

It’s bordering on sectarianism and works both ways with Edinburgh people giving it “Weegie this and Weegie that” – there’s no way the Capital gets off the hook here.

Kevan Christie: Red Clydesiders would despair over Edinburgh-Glasgow rivalry

While there are a sad few who will always be genuine bigots and/or xenophobes, and will never change, most of us are normal, have a sense of humour, and a cheeky wink or twinkle in our eye as we say some terrible things.

The real problem is probably the ‘PC Brigade’ who won’t even allow this sort of comment to pass as innocent, and believe anyone who makes such comments deserves to be censured, and treated as if they were racist bigots.

It’s another example of what I see as people NOT actually being allowed to think freely, instead, being TOLD what to think by a noisy few who have some sort of agenda they want to further.

Maybe the writer should try this book…

I guess I’ll be criticised for this chose, since I’m a Weegie, and Weegies appear FIRST in the title, so it MUST be biased!


Weegies vs Edinbuggers

Weegies vs Edinbuggers


There’s a slogan that Glaswegians use when talking about Edinburgh’s world-famous joie de vivre: ‘Edinburgh! A castle, a smile and a song…One out of three isn’t bad.’ Edinburghers retaliate by talking of why all the Wise Men come from the East and all the cowboys from the West. So we have the Far East, the Wild West and an apparently unbridgeable gulf in between, usually called Falkirk. These are the jokes, the songs and the stories of why citizens of these two great cities would rather take Osama bin Laden home for tea than a Weegie or an Edinbugger, citizens of no mean cities though they be. Except, of course, traditionally, there is no request to tea in Edinburgh, more of a statement delivered without a question mark, as in ‘You’ll have had your tea.’ And ‘pal’ is the unfriendliest word there is in Glasgow. When a Glaswegian asks, ‘Ur you lookin’ at me, pal?’, you would be very naive indeed to think of it as a question or that the deliverer is intent on making friends. It is, in fact, a statement meaning something like, ‘Unless you come up with a smart reply sharpish, I’m going to attempt to remove your head from your shoulders with any weapon that comes to hand. Or my teeth.’ There’s nothing rational about it. Weegies know that all Edinburghers are just poncing about all day pretending to be flowers and waiting for dark to get up Calton Hill because, without exception, they like their vice versa. And Edinbuggers know that, in Weegie families, father, mother and sister often don’t add up to three, but that they do keep their chibs sharp, whatever a chib might be. There are hard hits from both sides, sharp jibes and bludgeoning diatribes, but it’s just friendly rivalry really. To use the double positive negative, a figure of speech unique to Scotland, ‘Aye, right.’


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