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Off we go again! I really have to stay in

I’ve already mentioned in a recent that I, and so far only ONE media source has noted the shocking increase in local violence and attacks in recent weeks.

This is not just a couple of random punches being thrown, but has all the signs of extremely violent and targeted (even if the reports do not suggest this) attacks by groups of two or three against a lone individual, sometimes in the street, sometimes by breaking into their homes, and often with a stolen car that is torched nearby after they transfer to another vehicle and escape.

This brings back memories of Glasgow’s “Ice-cream Wars” of years ago, when something quite unrelated was at the core. And that led to murders.

Today’s list (all places I could easily be found on a daily basis, though probably not at the times mentioned)…

(These are not all separate incidents, just each of the reports as I received them over time).

Man left injured after attack outside pub in Glasgow

Man seriously assaulted near pub in Glasgow’s east end

Man injured in ‘targeted’ Glasgow Central station attack

Man suffers facial injury after targeted morning assault in Glasgow city centre

City centre street taped off after police incident

Man rushed to hospital after being seriously assaulted outside east end pub


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