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Tree lined avenue surprise

By sheer chance, I made a VERY surprising discovery while wandering around a few days ago.

Some nearby land is being proposed for development (houses), and there has been some upset about this as the land has some very old trees on it. I don’t know how this is progressing. After some initial publicity about objections, there’s been silence.

The land was fenced off, having once been used for animals, but this seems long forgotten. Although I did actually find some related buildings and other evidence was still there, were a house used to stand, and the land had been used for a riding school.

While wandering along some recently made paths alongside this piece of land, I noticed the fence was completely gone at a number of spots, and decided that if the local kids could go there and have little bonfires and drinking parties, I could go for a walk there – during daylight of course, when the little angels are not to be seen.

I know the land belonged to a ‘Big House’, but that was lost some time in the 1930s (leaving only a lodge on the land), and the land was then cut through by a new road some time around 1960.

I hadn’t expected to find anything of interest, but as I wandered through the trees I DID!

The tree-lined avenue that would have led from the entrance to the grounds of the Big House to its forecourt was STILL in evidence, and the avenue suddenly became apparent as I crossed its path and the trees on either side suddenly lined up.

This was a complete surprise.

I really should go back and take some more pics, in case that development gets planning permission.

I only grabbed one view, so I could dig out Victorian era maps of the estate, and see if the avenue and its trees were shown as I believed I had found them.

They were.

Big House Tree Lined Avenue

Big House Tree Lined Avenue

I think this is only the third such example I have ever come across when on the land of one of Glasgow’s many ‘Lost’ Big Houses.


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