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Anybody else miss those old ‘educational’ cigarette adverts?

It’s an art form I’ve mentioned before, cigarette adverts based on medical facts from the industry.

I spotted one I hadn’t seen before, promoting the benefits of smoking cigarettes for mother AND baby.

Quality material.

Nice 🙂

Smoking Birth Weight

Winston is probably one of my most hated brands.

Not because of smoking or tobacco, but because of truly irritating little song they had a woman with loud and grating voice sing back in the good old days of radio, where she just keeps singing that catch catchphrase at the foot of the ad ‘Winston tastes good! Like a cigarette should!” over and over, like brainwashing.

Unfortunately, while many OTR (old time radio) show providers have cut many of the irritating adverts of the day from their programmes, this song is one that often seem to survive, and blasts out repeatedly during breaks in the programmes.


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Night bridges – Polmadie

I had intended to try for some ‘better’ night shots of some bridges over the Clyde, but, as usual, some unrelated problems kicked the idea off the table, but I did collect a few of my more usual handheld captures.

I had read that the new Polmadie footbridge had new LED lighting installed, but a daylight inspection didn’t identify how this was installed.

Once I saw the thing at night, it was obvious.

The lights are fitted internally, within the handrail, and fire downwards through holes in its underside, which was why I didn’t spot them first time around.

Surprising sky in this view, as it was almost as black as the ground when I took the pic, but looks almost bright in the finished shot.

Polmadie Footbridge Night

Polmadie Footbridge Night

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Is this an Edinburgers vs Weegies ‘Proxy War’ being staged with dinosaurs?

I (hopefully) rubbished an article spotted recently where the writer used the recent Billy Connolly documentary (Made in Scotland) and one of its contributor’s comments to apparently suggest the rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh was serious, and ‘bad’ for various reasons.

I repeat that there may be a few bigots and or xenophobes for whom it is serious, but they’re people most of would never want to meet (and probably need counselling, or mental assistance), and the rest of just enjoy the back and forth this ‘rivalry’ permits.

But, two news articles had me thinking back to this.

After all, what are the chances that the two cities could each have chosen to have touring dinosaur exhibition visit them independently?

It’s like Cold War Russia and America in (North and South) Korea all over again!

The first I saw was ‘Dippy the Dinosaur’, and that was because I had already come across a shop set up in Kelvingrove to sell goodies in advance of the exhibition arriving there soon.

An iconic dinosaur skeleton cast is coming to Glasgow in the next stop of its UK tour.

Dippy the Dinosaur usually resides in the Natural History Museum where it takes pride of place in the central entrance hall, but has been on tour since February 2018.

So far, he has visited Dorset, Birmingham and Belfast and is due to arrive in Kelvingrove Museum on Tuesday, January 22.

A specially equipped van will transport the 26 metre long dinosaur cast.

The 292 bone structure has been dismantled, carefully packed into 16 crates and is now making its way by ferry to Kelvingrove Museum ahead of his big reveal.

So far, he has visited Dorset, Birmingham and Belfast and is due to arrive in Kelvingrove Museum on Tuesday, January 22.

A specially equipped van will transport the 26 metre long dinosaur cast.

The 292 bone structure has been dismantled, carefully packed into 16 crates and is now making its way by ferry to Kelvingrove Museum ahead of his big reveal.

As the UK tour hits the half-way point, Dippy will be in Glasgow until May 6 and is free to visit.

It is the first time he has been on public display outside of London and Glasgow is the only Scottish destination on the tour, which has already record-breaking numbers of visitors at the three previous venues.

Dippy the dinosaur is on his way to Glasgow as part of UK tour

Dippy About the Dinosaur

Dippy the Dinosaur Image Photopress Belfast

Dippy the Dinosaur Image Photopress Belfast

But wait…

Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland has one too!

Scotland’s most popular visitor attraction has secured a blockbuster international exhibition celebrating the world’s most feared dinosaurs.

The family tree of Tyrannosaurs over more than 100 million years will be explored at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Fossils, casts of specimens and models of the “T. rex” and its ancestors will go on display in Europe for the first time when the show, which was originally created by the Australian Museum in Sydney, arrives in Edinburgh in January 2020.

The exhibition, which will run for nearly four months, will also recall some of the most significant findings to emerged from Tyrannosaur research over the last decade, including the discovery of several new species.

Blockbuster Tyrannosaurs exhibition to roar into Edinburgh


Canadian T Rex Scotty Pic Via TheScotsman Article

Canadian T Rex Scotty Pic Via The Scotsman Article

Epic Battle?

Diplodocus  and T Rex

Unfortunately not – unless you’re still stuck on Edinburgh vs Glasgow, or Glasgow vs Edinburgh.

They may be dinosaurs, but did the ever meet or fight?

No. Diplodocus lived and died out long before Tyrannosaurus even existed at all. Diplodocus lived in North America during the Late Jurassic (155–150 million years ago), while Tyrannosaurus lived in North America during the Late Cretaceous period (68–66 million years ago), so it never happened.

However, if people brought them both back from extinction, I would suggest that Diplodocus would use their whip-like tails for defense even from Tyrannosaurus and would use their front legs and their heavy weight to crush a Tyrannosaurus to death. Tyrannosaurus, however, have strong jaws, so if Tyrannosaurus really lived in packs, they would hunt together to kill a very large Diplodocus if they had both lived together.

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Today is Sceptic’s Day

13 January is Sceptic’s Day. Or should that be Skeptic’s Day?

Both of my spelling and grammar checkers are happy with either (sort of).

Well, would you look at that?

They gave me my very own day of the year!

We (sceptics) are probably the most misunderstood people in the world. Often accused of not believing anything, that simply isn’t true, but the error suits those we are sceptical of as it gives them an easy way to discredit us.

In fact, all we really ask for is to see the evidence, tested and tried and true.

This means we’re not best liked by snake-oil sellers and scam artists.

In serous circles, dogma and belief aren’t going to make the world of physics behave in ways outside of those prescribed by established, documented, and proven laws. Nor can you make technology function by just slapping things together and hoping they’ll work You need someone who is able to see how things actually work, and that’s where your sceptic comes in.

Sceptical Cat is… clearly American!

Skeptical Cat

Skeptical Cat

One year later…

Still Skeptical Cat

Still Skeptical Cat

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