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Today is Sceptic’s Day

13 January is Sceptic’s Day. Or should that be Skeptic’s Day?

Both of my spelling and grammar checkers are happy with either (sort of).

Well, would you look at that?

They gave me my very own day of the year!

We (sceptics) are probably the most misunderstood people in the world. Often accused of not believing anything, that simply isn’t true, but the error suits those we are sceptical of as it gives them an easy way to discredit us.

In fact, all we really ask for is to see the evidence, tested and tried and true.

This means we’re not best liked by snake-oil sellers and scam artists.

In serous circles, dogma and belief aren’t going to make the world of physics behave in ways outside of those prescribed by established, documented, and proven laws. Nor can you make technology function by just slapping things together and hoping they’ll work You need someone who is able to see how things actually work, and that’s where your sceptic comes in.

Sceptical Cat is… clearly American!

Skeptical Cat

Skeptical Cat

One year later…

Still Skeptical Cat

Still Skeptical Cat


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