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Bumped into an old ‘friend’ – the illegals – A1 EKX

I thought this one was long gone from the area, but it looks as if I was just always around at the wrong time.

Years ago, I was impressed when somebody got themselves a Lexus Soarer to attach this plate to.

Back then, this was probably an import, and the top end versions had things like TVs fitted to the dash as standard.

Regularly seen then, both car and plate seemed to disappear (or maybe I just changed my usual wanderings).

Seen recently, the Soarer had turned into a white van, a 2013 Peugeot Boxer.

But the plate was still tweaked to make A1 EKX look as if it had an ‘L’ in it. I think it’s just careful positioning of a black screw/bolt head, but it’s still not allowed if it alters a character.

It really doesn’t need this treatment, and would look better without it.

Unfortunately, the law would see this as a modification, and it could be worth up to £1,000 in a fine if spotted by a grumpy traffic cop having a bad day.

2013 Peugeot Boxer [A1 EKX]

2013 Peugeot Boxer [A1 EKX]


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Charges and identity finally revealed in pick-up ‘artist’ video case

The details of the case against a man arrested in connected with video ‘guides’ for men showing them how to approach women, have now been released and made public, and the subject was indeed the lovely Addy ‘agame’ or Adnan ‘agame’ Ahmed.

Addy 'agame' Internet pic

Addy ‘agame’ Internet pic

A 37-year-old man has been charged with sexual assault and four counts of breach of the peace in relation to videos that were posted on social media.

Adnan Ahmed, from Glasgow, appeared in private at the city’s sheriff court and made no plea.

He was remanded in custody and is due to appear again in court next week.

The videos, showing a so-called pick-up artist approaching women, were put online as “guides” for other men.

Man charged with sexual assault over online videos

We can only await developments, and note that he made no plea.

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Foolishly, I HAD been enjoying the mild weather, but…

It looks as we’re about to lose the nice, mild winter weather we’ve been enjoying recently.

I had looked at the long-term forecast last week, and spotted a definite downturn in the temperature, but at this time of year that’s hardly unusual, and so far at least, has always seen a ‘lift’ as the colder days got closer, and their forecast temperature slowly rose as they approached.

Now, however, the forecasters have popped up and warned that these temperatures may stick, and not just for a few chilly nights, but maybe for as long as a month.

I wouldn’t be surprised.

With so many thinking it ‘clever’ to  mock, poke fun at, and just misinterpret weather forecasts, a few years ago I started to close my ears to them, and just go by the forecasts themselves, with no help or advice from ‘armchair experts’.

I’m tempted to say ‘surprisingly’, but that wouldn’t be fair since forecasts are not a guarantee, but a probability, and if you look at a few, you’ll find that they’re right FAR MORE OFTEN than they’re wrong, and the ‘wrongs’ become almost significant when you take into account the whole area they cover.

Sad, I know, but at least we know a few facts never got in the way of a good ‘negative’ story.

The Met Office is predicting snow in Glasgow this week.

Forecasters warn wintry showers are to be expected on Wednesday, as temperatures begin to plummet to below freezing from tomorrow night(Tuesday).

Met Office experts say that, after temperatures of around 8 – 9C today and tomorrow (with rain dominating on Tuesday), conditions will become considerably colder overnight into Wednesday.

A Met Office statement reads: “Cloudy Wednesday with outbreaks of rain clearing to wintry showers and cold northerly winds later.”

Average temperatures will be around 7C on Wednesday (January 16) however that will feel more like 0C.

And that’s just the beginning of a cold few days for Glasgow and the west, as temperatures will continue to hover around 1C until Sunday, though conditions are predicted to include sunshine spells on Thursday.

And we should enjoy that sun, because, Met Office forecasters are also warning we could be set for a big freeze which could last for more than a month.

Met Office warns of snow in Glasgow this week as Scotland prepares for Arctic freeze

As usual, the headline exaggerates the actual forecast statement (compare the two), but it is the headline which people will remember, not the actual forecast, so if it doesn’t snow, they’ll be saying the forecast was wrong, not the headline.

On the other hand, I’m hoping that the longer terms cold numbers I’ve watched rise (as the shorter term forecast numbers got closer) do the same thing, even if not by quite as much.

On the other, it may last, and last, and…

First Robin of Spring

I took a quick look at the satellite I use for weather prediction, and this was the view later in the week.

For info, the bluish tint means -1.2°C or lower, and the wind is streaming down from the north, and moves around to east later – that means cold wind!



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And another…

I know I said I might drop a note of these violent attacks in light of the perceived sudden increase in their numbers, and because they happen places I haunt, but that wasn’t supposed to be an invitation for candidates.

I was even there today, but at least I am never there are the time of this latest incident.

Man rushed to hospital with serious injuries after being attacked outside McDonald’s

More bad news

A policy of “Lock ’em up!” doesn’t work.

Scotland’s prisons overcrowded as inmates ‘packed in like sardines’

It sounds good, and it satisfies the “Hang ’em and flog ’em!” brigade, but I suggest YOU stop for a moment and THINK.

How would you react to such treatment by the same society that wants you to behave if it treated you that way?

I’m willing admit I’d be pissed, not happy when I did eventually get out, and probably inclined to get back at somebody.

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Surprise mural in Elmbank Street and Sauchiehall Lane

Another of those little surprises that pops up when you happen to look in a different direction from usual.

I’ve no idea how long I might have been passing this without ever having noticed it.

Nor can I recall seeing it mentioned in any guides to murals which can be found in Glasgow – but I don’t look too closely at them, preferring to find these gems by chance, like this.

It’s maybe too new/recent to have been included.

As far as I can see from past pics of the lane, this was not there in 2017, but appeared in early 2018.

Also, that irritating street light only appeared on the wall recently.

Sauchiehall Lane Elmbank Street Mural

Sauchiehall Lane Elmbank Street Mural

Again, this is one you can’t see properly because of the restricted view into the lane, so I had a go at some perspective correction to see if I could improve the view.

I hope I haven’t made him too fat.

Straightened Sauchiehall Lane Mural

Straightened Sauchiehall Lane Mural

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Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day

14 January is Dress Up Your Pet Day.

This day come with an invitation to…

Wow the neighbours, and unleash the inner diva of your favourite pooch or Persian… Why not go the extra mile, and get the little guy or gal something to match your finest glad rags – that way you can both dress to impress and really set some trends!

Made me think of…

Cat Costume

Cat Costume

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