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Bumped into an old ‘friend’ – the illegals – A1 EKX

I thought this one was long gone from the area, but it looks as if I was just always around at the wrong time.

Years ago, I was impressed when somebody got themselves a Lexus Soarer to attach this plate to.

Back then, this was probably an import, and the top end versions had things like TVs fitted to the dash as standard.

Regularly seen then, both car and plate seemed to disappear (or maybe I just changed my usual wanderings).

Seen recently, the Soarer had turned into a white van, a 2013 Peugeot Boxer.

But the plate was still tweaked to make A1 EKX look as if it had an ‘L’ in it. I think it’s just careful positioning of a black screw/bolt head, but it’s still not allowed if it alters a character.

It really doesn’t need this treatment, and would look better without it.

Unfortunately, the law would see this as a modification, and it could be worth up to £1,000 in a fine if spotted by a grumpy traffic cop having a bad day.

2013 Peugeot Boxer [A1 EKX]

2013 Peugeot Boxer [A1 EKX]


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