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Surprise mural in Elmbank Street and Sauchiehall Lane

Another of those little surprises that pops up when you happen to look in a different direction from usual.

I’ve no idea how long I might have been passing this without ever having noticed it.

Nor can I recall seeing it mentioned in any guides to murals which can be found in Glasgow – but I don’t look too closely at them, preferring to find these gems by chance, like this.

It’s maybe too new/recent to have been included.

As far as I can see from past pics of the lane, this was not there in 2017, but appeared in early 2018.

Also, that irritating street light only appeared on the wall recently.

Sauchiehall Lane Elmbank Street Mural

Sauchiehall Lane Elmbank Street Mural

Again, this is one you can’t see properly because of the restricted view into the lane, so I had a go at some perspective correction to see if I could improve the view.

I hope I haven’t made him too fat.

Straightened Sauchiehall Lane Mural

Straightened Sauchiehall Lane Mural


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