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And again…

At least Govanhill has been off my ‘wander’ list for years – but I used to be there every week years ago (locked in my car then).

Man stabbed multiple times in assault outside Lidl

The 23-year-old was attacked in the Govanhill area of Glasgow on Monday night.


Not really my area, still Glasgow though, but when I looked at the news later, this had been added.

Man rushed to hospital after seven robberies in space of an hour in Glasgow’s west end

Police were called to various locations across Kelvindale last night and a 37-year-old man remains in hospital.


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Kelvingrove’s dinosaur takeover

I recently mentioned the imminent arrival of Dippy the Dinosaur to Kelvingrove, but hadn’t really looked at the dates and failed to realise just how close this event was.

Dropping in for the daily organ recital yesterday, rather than the usual seating layout provided for visitors, I walked into a brick wooden wall as soon as entered the main entrance hall!

I knew it was big, and this just confirms it.

Kelvingrove Entrance Hall Occupation

Kelvingrove Entrance Hall Occupation

Below is just a random shot taken during a recent recital, with a less extreme wide-angle lens than the above, which barely managed to catch the whole of the works enclosure in a single shot. I really didn’t want to go the extent of stitching multiples, but still had to hold the camera above/behind me to get the shot, and hope it was all in frame.

Kelvingrove Organ Recital

Kelvingrove Organ Recital

With more effort, I get this (seen in a previous post about an experiment), can be clicked for bigger.

It will be interesting to see how well this works once Dippy arrives, and the view will be from the side gallery, to  get Dippy’s length  in one shot.

Kelvingrove Organ Recital Stitch

Kelvingrove Organ Recital Stitch

I guess the balcony I’m standing on will be busier than usual for the next few months.

The nice people did offer more info, and an apology 🙂

Dippy on Tour Kelvingrove Apology

Dippy on Tour Kelvingrove Apology

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Today is Strawberry Ice Cream Day

15 January is Strawberry Ice Cream Day.

Strawberry ice cream can be a bit like banana when it comes to flavouring.

Both can be great when the flavour is right, or it’s freshly made from raw ingredients, but…

They can also be weird – and if flavourings are used then they can end up tasting like anything but what they are supposed to be.

Trouble is, you can’t tell what you’ve got until you’ve bought it.

When they’re good, they’re very good – but when they’re bad… move on, fast!

Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream

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