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Planners go to chip shop – get reheats!

Clyde floating village with catI wonder if I am the only person who has noticed that a draft proposal seen today is perhaps inspired by something we saw eight years ago, way back in 2011?

A DRAFT blueprint for regeneration around the Clyde in Glasgow proposes allowing development of hotel, restaurant and residential structures on the water itself.

The possibility of semi-permanent floatingng structures/floating architecture is raised in Glasgow City Council’s River Clyde Corridor Strategic Development Framework (SDF), which is currently the subject of consultation.

The document states that, in areas such as Pacific Quay, “pressure on land for economic commercial development may result in the water space itself becoming viable” for various uses “to support a more vibrant populated neighbourhood in the Canting Basin or the Graving Docks. ”

WATER-Based Buildings Floated In Blueprint Aiming For Buoyant Glasgow River Districts

I have to admit to having had a bit of fun with the proposal back then, and there never seemed to be any follow-up or progress to suggest otherwise.

Back in 2011, this was the intro…

Plans have been unveiled for a £30m floating leisure village on the south bank of the River Clyde in Glasgow.

Under the proposal, a u-shaped floating road would be built at Canting Basin, which is part of Prince’s Dock at the back of the city’s Science Centre.

This would lead to a mix of office buildings, studio flats and town houses with their own private moorings.

If planning permission is granted and private funding can be found the complex could be in place by 2015.

Floating Concepts chief executive, David Beard, said: “All great coastal cities have a prime waterfront destination and now Glasgow has the chance to join those ranks.

“The iconic nature of a floating village will turn the Canting Basin into a major attraction quite unlike any other in the world, as well as being a dynamic centre for local people and businesses.”

The firm will now approach Glasgow City Council with a view to submitting an outline planning application.

If this is granted, and private finance for the deal can be found, work could start by the summer of 2012, with completion in two to three years.

Floating village plan unveiled for River Clyde (2011 article)

This time around, the plans have a 30-year time scale, not 3!

However, it will be interesting to see if there is any sort of further progress with the idea past the proposal stage, or if this revival goes the same way as most reheats.

The difference is obvious, being a city/council initiative with a wider plan, rather than a private development.

Click here for the NEW consultation

Floating village from 2011

Floating village from 2011



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UK and US are in a space race

The ‘space’ referred to being the one between their collective ears!

These sandwich boards are handy, even if this is not an Inversnecky cafe one.

I think the folk who write these signs are smarter than those they are writing about.

UK vs US

UK vs US


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Snow hangs on

When I suggested the earlier snow would probably not last, I forgot to factor in the fact I NEED to go to the shops later, so that means it tried to hang on.

It tried to snow again, but by then it was coming down as slush since the temperature had already started to rise.

It’s up at +3°C (rising) and warm enough to melt the snow that lay in my rain gauge, which can’t detect snow, but now says we’ve had 1 mm of rain.

I was obliged to take a slightly different pic of the snow covered tree, which is no longer snow covered.

Snow goes

Snow goes

While paved ground is slushy now, grass and earth are reacting differently.

I’ve measured these (in the past) using an infra-red thermometer, and it’s intriguing to see the difference in ground temperature after a frosty night, as bare earth, grass, and paved ground all retain, and gain, heat at notably different rates.

Snow lies

Snow lies

Be interesting to see what it’s like when I eventually HAVE to go out, there has even been sunshine at times – but I won’t see any by then.

I don’t like to look TOO far ahead, but notice that all the weatherfolk agree on a temperature lift by the end of week, and show +9°C on Friday, with cold temperatures after that, but little below freezing.

Suits me, but I’d like it closer to 9 and 0!

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Shocking news! Glasgow is only the SECOND unhealthiest city in the UK

What’s gone wrong?

The media is usually falling all over itself with stories about how Glasgow is the sickest city in the UK, or even Europe if I recall some storeis I read a while ago, but now it seems that…

Glasgow is the second unhealthiest city in the UK – with as many as 58 percent saying their current lifestyle could lead them to an early grave.

Researchers surveyed adults in major cities across the UK and found Edinburgh also came in at number four, with 53 percent from the Scottish capital saying their current lifestyle would no doubt lead them to die early.

Glasgow came in second, with Cardiff taking the top spot,

Birmingham, Sheffield and London were also among the unhealthiest in terms of the amount of alcohol they drink, how little they exercise and the amount of processed, high sugar foods they consume.

Glasgow is the second unhealthiest city in the UK

This is terrible news for 2019.

Second city to Edinburgh.

Now second to Cardiff.

Glasgow has to be able to come first for SOMETHING!

We did win this back in 2017…

The top five unhealthiest cities in the UK, according to the data, were:

1. Glasgow

2. Sheffield

3. Manchester

4. Cardiff

5. Southampton

REVEALED: Do YOU live in the UK’s unhealthiest city?

I guess it depends upon who you ask 🙂

Look for long enough, you’re bound to find the answer you want.

Glasgow win

Glasgow win according to ‘Flying Homes’

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Persecution or discrimination?

Well, I guess that’s one library I won’t be patronising.

Find me on the steps outside, comforting poor Max, who only wants to improve himself.



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Mair snaw!

I got lucky this morning.

A glance outside at 8 am suggesting it was snowing, and a look out the front window confirmed a mini-blizzard, heavy enough to lie.

However, in the time it took to fetch and wake up a camera, the snow had virtually stopped, and I suspect the temperature of +1°C (which had been up at +2°C until the snow fell) means that I wouldn’t have caught this pic if I’d not made it as far as a window until my more usual time of 9 or 10 am.

I might check later to confirm that the snow has gone (unless more fall).

Meantime, enjoy a nice Christmassy scene, albeit a month late!

Snowy Tree

Snowy Tree

*For non-Glaswegians: Mair Snaw = More Snow 🙂


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Today is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

22 January is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.

We’ve met this one before.

Guess what? We will again.

This is the day to spend some time with your cat, and find out what questions your cat is asking, and make an effort to fill in the blanks.

Or try…

Cat Question

Cat Question

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