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Time to stop throwing council/tax millions at sporting events

Ever since a close watch of the spending reports on the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games stupidity, and learning that the organisers are NOT the ones who fund their fun, but the poor mugs of the host city who foot the bill, I’ve been amazed that few realise this, and even fewer object to having their money (taxes) squandered on the promised/claimed benefits they supposedly bring.

A few days ago it was revealed that Glasgow was being coerced into pouring some £15 million into another ‘Sport Black Hole’, to host the first World Cycling Championships in 2023.

Guess what?

That initial £15 million has already grown by £40 million (so that’s already £55 million, to be blackmailed from partners and the Scottish Government, on the basis that we simply HAVE to host this.

This when the council needs to find £500 million for its recent equal pay settlement, and more importantly, £7.5 million to renovate the Winter Garden of the People’s Palace.

Those behind this money grab MAY just be beginning to realise the people might not be fooled for much longer.

Amidst fears public libraries and swimming pools could close through lack of funding, Glasgow councillors will bid to host a £50 million cycling event.

Glasgow City Council has one week left to convince the Union Cyclist International (UCI) to allow the area to present the inaugural World Cycling Championships in 2023.

The local authority would spend £15 million on the tournament and have to secure the remaining £35 to £40 million from partners and the Scottish Government.

Councillors agreed it would add to the “legacy” of the city but some raised concerns that residents might not be so welcoming with budget cuts looming.

Councillor Archie Graham said: “It is unfortunate congress is next week. This means the council will only have a week to speak to funding partners and the Scottish Government to confirm they will fund the rest of the event.

“We already have challenging budget pressures. I do worry that people will be unimpressed to see the council spending £15 million on a large scale event when their libraries and swimming pools are under threat.

“We need to have a good communication strategy otherwise we will receive a lot of criticism.”

Councillor Elaine McDougall added: “I think this is a flimsy proposal and we need something more concrete.

“I would like more information. I know it will benefit the city overall but will it benefit the public purse?”

Depute Leader of the Council councillor David McDonald said: “It will benefit the social aspect of the city as well as the economy. The council has been asked to fund £12 million of the event, which is costing £45-50 million overall.

“The local authority will then spend a further £3 million engaging with tourists and locals who want to get involved in the games.

Councillor Matt Kerr said: “This is a legacy. Glasgow has undertaken a long journey to get here and to be able to host these events.

“We have developed a very positive relationship with the UCI and as a former road racer I am looking forward to 2023 and the opportunity to take part.

“I have four years to get my act together.”

Glasgow councillors raise budget concerns about World Cycling Championships bid

You have to love that last quote.

You’d never guess the speaker had any self-interest in the proposal…

So should recuse themselves!

Stop! It's a money pit


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