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Flagship 2014 Commonwealth Games ‘Legacy’ sinks

I make no apologies for having mocked the idea that the 2014 Commonwealth Games would leave any of the ‘Legacy’ so widely touted as parts of the east end of Glasgow were razed to make way for a mere two weeks of fun for some, and years of pain for others.

One of the casualties was Dalmarnock’s community centre, razed along with surrounding building to clear land for the dopey ‘Games’, the cleared land has lain derelict to this day, and I understand has only recently seen plans for a housing development make their appearance, five years later!

PROPOSAL For More New Homes In Dalmarnock

I never had a pic of the community centre – just the flattened ground after it was razed (and also the old people’s home that can be seen fenced off on the right, another Games Legacy gem, completed and left unoccupied for years due to yet more silliness).

Dalmarnock Community Hub Site

Dalmarnock Community Centre Site

For losing their community centre, locals were promised The Legacy Hub, developed as a flagship legacy of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Legacy Hub Night

Legacy Hub Night

Foolishly, I’ve walked past this many times thinking “That went well”, even though it always looked deserted (which may be down to the time of day I pass).

I shouldn’t have been so naïve, should I?

This was closed without prior notice on Friday after going into administration.

The centre was created as part of a £40 million scheme funded by Big Lottery, the Scottish Government, Clyde Gateway, and Glasgow City Council.

Owned by the People’s Development Trust – which was created as part of the ongoing regeneration work in Glasgow’s East End, it provided childcare, community activities, a theatre and bistro cafe.

Hundreds call for Dalmarnock community hub to be saved after sudden closure

Sadly, as usual, Glasgow City Council is expected to cough up some ‘Magic Money’ from its bottomless pot, and take over the running of this failed Legacy promise.

“The community are devastated by this decision and request that the hub be taken over and run by Glasgow City Council as soon as possible and remain a community asset.”

While it finds £500 million for its recent equal pay settlement, £7.5 million for the Winter Gardens etc etc…

They should haul up those who promised all these silly ‘Legacies’ and brought the stupid ‘Games’ to Glasgow with their grand promises…

And hand them the bill!




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Our crazy weather -4°C to +10°C in a day

Last week, I mentioned the weather forecast that suggested we’d hit +9°C by Friday, even though I was freezing as the temperature fell below 0°C as I wrote.

The weatherfolk are really rather clever, as I say fairly often nowadays, and the ones we should really be mocking and laughing at the naysayers who still think it is ‘kewl’ to poke fun at Met Office.

Not only did the temperature swing up and reach that promised +9°C, it carried on and hit +10°C.

Here’s my own local record, and the jump on Friday…

Outside temperature 10

Outside temperature 10

Sad to say, it’s not set to last, and I’ve been watching the longer forecasts slowly having their predictions reduced, with the local media now telling us we can expect a chillier week to come, and more of the white stuff too.

Oh well – at least it’s not a surprise.

Heavy snow forecast for Glasgow next week as cold weather continues

Although Monday is set to be bright and sunny, Tuesday will see the weather take a turn, with sleet turning into heavy snow by 9am. Temperatures will also remain around freezing, with highs of around 4°C and dropping as low as -4°C.

So, this one is still valid!

First Robin of Spring


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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

That didn’t take long.

The day after I noted “An 89-year-old woman sustained injuries in an attack by two men who robbed her of her handbag inside a block of tenement flats” very close to where I can be – and we’re off again, even closer…

Two men have been arrested after an 18-year-old man was stabbed on a Glasgow street.

The teenager was seriously injured in an attack on Dalveen Street in Shettleston just before 02:00 on Sunday.

Two arrested after teenager stabbed in Glasgow street

At least it happened around midnight, I might wander around late, but not THAT late!

I really am hopeless with local street names, and turn into a blubbering mass of jelly if anyone pulls up and asks me for directions.

Despite walking miles around my local streets, I actually know, or can place, very few of them by name.

Dalveen Street rang a bell, but I had to check, and was disappointed to find it was a street I’ve started using fairly regularly in the past few months. I used to have friends that stayed there years ago, and always think of it as a fairly quiet spot.


Obviously I look at the feeds too soon!

There was more later in the evening.

Govanhill has fallen off my list, but I was there regularly some years back, so still include it.

Teen rushed to hospital with eye injury after incident in Govanhill

Rutherglen is still in my regular wandering, so this one gets noted too.

Man arrested and charged following serious assault in King’s Park

Violent crimes

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There’s another Tesla statue

In fact, it seems quite a number of statues of Nikola Tesla exist around the world. I was surprised at the variation in images I found when I first heard about this recent addition, and did a quick search to confirm the tale.

I had to make sure I’d added the location, Palo Alto, to cut down the number of results from the search.

This statue was created by an artist, Terry Guyer, backed by 722 people on Kickstarter (so maybe it does work sometimes),

and can be found at 260 Sheridan Avenue, Palo Alto, California (corner of Birch and Sheridan).

It was unveiled on 07 December 7, 2013, complete with a plaque on its base explains both the fundraising  –  and the inclusion of Wi-Fi network within. It also has a time capsule, to be opened in 2043 – the 100th anniversary of Tesla’s death.

The statue has its own website.


Nikola Tesla statue Palo Alto Shared by Tesla Owner

Nikola Tesla statue Palo Alto Shared by Tesla Owner

Find a gallery of images in Atlas Obscura.

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Hunterian Museum Interior

Although I’ve picked on a few specific from the exhibits inside the Hunterian Museum, I’ve never caught the interior itself.

Incidentally, it seems to call itself ‘The Hunterian’, but, I’m afraid I’ve referred to it as the Hunterian Museum all my life, and just can’t break the habit. Sorry.

It’s worth saying that this has changed over time, and even I can think of how different it was back in 1997, when there was a large, year-long exhibit which occupied an adjacent room, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the electron.

I really miss that exhibition. I visited it many times as it was both fun and interesting, with a number of exhibits you could play with – there was a cloud chamber, and a working electron microscope amongst the display, along with things like working cosmic ray detectors, and films.

The main hall is shown below, and is interesting to walk through as its last ‘rebuild’ saw it equipped with motion sensing lighting, which fades up as you enter a darkened section, then fades down some time after you leave. Unlike some very poorly designed systems with silly times programmed into them, the Hunterian’s seems to work well, and would be almost unnoticeable, but for the transitions between dark and light.

Fortunately, you can get a pleasing view without having to resort to very wide-angle lenses, or any sort of image stitching, so there’s minimal distortion.

I like that.

Click for bigger.

Hunterian Museum Interior

Hunterian Museum Interior

While this shot looking towards the east end of the hall (I hope, since some moron has located the marker in the wrong place on Google Maps, and I got lost trying to work out which end was which at first) CAN be a nice, neat, symmetrical view, the same cannot be said of the view from the other end, where a nice new lift was installed a few years ago.

Here’s the ‘best effort’ asymmetric offering of the west end of the hall, taken from beside the lift enclosure.

Hunterian Museum Interior

Hunterian Museum Interior

If you are already jumping up and down, shouting at me – I DID spot the obvious fix for this… later, when my OCD settled down and I was able to think more clearly.

Look back to the first shot – the lift is a glass lift, inside a glass lift shaft.

Problem solved, so long as the place is quiet, and the staff don’t throw me out for ‘playing’ in the lift! 🙂

Actually, I’ve never even seen it in use, so I am guessing it’s a hydraulic lift since there’s only a wiring tray and interlocks/sensors visible on one side. Lack a hoist, cable drum, or electric motor up top is probably also something of a clue too.

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Today is Chocolate Cake Day

27 January is Chocolate Cake Day.

Clearly, this is a day that cannot go unmentioned, even if we have covered it before.

I discovered something interesting last year, generically referred to as ‘Mug Cake’.

While I’d liked to have this described be a ‘proper’ cook, I couldn’t find one that didn’t use their video to sell something, or promote themselves to the point of being sick-making.

But, all was not lost, as even I managed to remember one of my countrymen had made a video about this kind of cake, and better still, had an ultra simple recipe that avoided the need for an egg.

The main thing about this recipe is the lack of perishable ingredients, and being able to make it from stuff that can lie about for ages, and not go ‘off’.

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