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Flagship 2014 Commonwealth Games ‘Legacy’ sinks

I make no apologies for having mocked the idea that the 2014 Commonwealth Games would leave any of the ‘Legacy’ so widely touted as parts of the east end of Glasgow were razed to make way for a mere two weeks of fun for some, and years of pain for others.

One of the casualties was Dalmarnock’s community centre, razed along with surrounding building to clear land for the dopey ‘Games’, the cleared land has lain derelict to this day, and I understand has only recently seen plans for a housing development make their appearance, five years later!

PROPOSAL For More New Homes In Dalmarnock

I never had a pic of the community centre – just the flattened ground after it was razed (and also the old people’s home that can be seen fenced off on the right, another Games Legacy gem, completed and left unoccupied for years due to yet more silliness).

Dalmarnock Community Hub Site

Dalmarnock Community Centre Site

For losing their community centre, locals were promised The Legacy Hub, developed as a flagship legacy of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Legacy Hub Night

Legacy Hub Night

Foolishly, I’ve walked past this many times thinking “That went well”, even though it always looked deserted (which may be down to the time of day I pass).

I shouldn’t have been so naïve, should I?

This was closed without prior notice on Friday after going into administration.

The centre was created as part of a £40 million scheme funded by Big Lottery, the Scottish Government, Clyde Gateway, and Glasgow City Council.

Owned by the People’s Development Trust – which was created as part of the ongoing regeneration work in Glasgow’s East End, it provided childcare, community activities, a theatre and bistro cafe.

Hundreds call for Dalmarnock community hub to be saved after sudden closure

Sadly, as usual, Glasgow City Council is expected to cough up some ‘Magic Money’ from its bottomless pot, and take over the running of this failed Legacy promise.

“The community are devastated by this decision and request that the hub be taken over and run by Glasgow City Council as soon as possible and remain a community asset.”

While it finds £500 million for its recent equal pay settlement, £7.5 million for the Winter Gardens etc etc…

They should haul up those who promised all these silly ‘Legacies’ and brought the stupid ‘Games’ to Glasgow with their grand promises…

And hand them the bill!



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