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Green Loony – Class: Expert – MSP Ross Greer

Ridiculous spouting from an insignificant little child who is so far removed from World War II he has no idea what he is talking about.

He’s probably come up this as a ‘Great Idea’ (or ‘Cunning Plan’) to get his ‘Five Minutes of Fame’ in the hope of lots of free publicity and hike in his career.

I’d like to read his political career was over soon, but I suspect we are too tolerant nowadays.

Green MSP Ross Greer has repeated his controversial claim that Sir Winston Churchill was a “white supremacist” and a “mass murderer.”

He told the BBC’s Politics Live that his view was indisputable and that “history records this”.

Mr Greer initially made the comment in response to a Conservative tweet on the anniversary of Churchill’s death.

Tory deputy chairman James Cleverly branded it the “most superficial and inaccurate assessment”.

The 24-year-old was among a number of people who questioned Churchill’s reputation in reply to a Tory tweet last week commemorating the wartime leader’s death in 1965.

The post described Churchill as a man regarded by many as the “greatest Briton to have ever lived”.

MSP Ross Greer brands Churchill ‘mass murderer’

And, NO, I don’t think Churchill was perfect, but that’s no reason for this sort of behaviour.

Why is that every time I raise some sort of daft story involving an MSP – they’re Green MSPs?

Are they really all so desparate to get publicity?


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