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Unbelievable! TWO positive drone stories in a row!

After noting a positive drone story yesterday, regarding their potential application in the delivery of medical supplies in remote parts of Scotland.

I’m shocked and stunned to see ANOTHER one today.

A 3D digital map of Canna and Sanday has been created to provide a new perspective of the isles’ archaeology.

A fixed-wing drone was used to take more than 4,000 photographs of the islands, which are managed by the National Trust for Scotland (NTS).

NTS said Canna and Sanday in the Small Isles had been the subject of the most detailed mapping exercise ever undertaken of any islands in the world.

The project has mapped the location of dozens of archaeological sites.

New sites were also found in the photographs taken by the drone.

Paul Georgie, of GeoGeo, said his team spent five days on Canna in “miraculously calm and clear weather”, with the drone navigating itself over a total distance of 248 miles (400km).

Drone’s mapping of Canna and Sanday ‘a world first’

I’m even more intrigued to see the project utilised a fixed wing drone, and did not just fall in line with the fad for rotary wing types.


Fixed Wing Drone Pic Credit GeoGeo

Fixed Wing Drone Pic Credit GeoGeo

It’s a shame that it’s usually the lowest common denominator moron drone misuse and abuse stories that hit the headlines and get all the publicity.

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