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First guilty verdict for female genital mutilation – may there be MANY MORE!

This has been so long in coming.


There are NO excuses for child abuse and cruelty, or turning a blind eye to mutilation of males or females for some ‘excuse’ based on religion, belief, or any other nonsense which allows sadists and molesters to practice their dirty hobbies in public, without fear of repercussions.


If anyone did the same to a child without claiming the sham cover of religion or suchlike, the child’s parents would tear them apart.

A woman who mutilated her three-year-old daughter has become the first person in the UK to be found guilty of female genital mutilation (FGM).

The 37-year-old mother from east London wept in the dock as she was convicted after a trial at the Old Bailey.

Spells and curses intended to deter police and social workers from investigating were found at the Ugandan woman’s home, the trial heard.

Her 43-year-old partner was acquitted by the jury.

Prosecutors said the mother “coached” her daughter “to lie to the police so she wouldn’t get caught”.

The defendants, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, denied FGM and an alternative charge of failing to protect a girl from risk of genital mutilation.

Mrs Justice Whipple warned of a “lengthy” jail term as she remanded the woman into custody to be sentenced on 8 March.

FGM: Mother guilty of genital mutilation of daughter

This should be taken as a signal to start taking action against these perverts and molesters.


(I’m not using the whole pic!)




Twenty teenagers from Notre Dame High School in Glasgow were involved in the Enhancing Transcultural Participation (ETP) project which aims to help prevent FGM.

A group of African schoolgirls have helped launch a community-led research project to mark International Day of Zero Tolerance to female genital mutilation (FGM).

Twenty teenagers from Notre Dame High School in Glasgow were involved in the Enhancing Transcultural Participation (ETP) project which aims to help prevent FGM.

The project, based at Glasgow Caledonian University, aims to develop a strategy and relationships between individuals, community groups, policymakers, researchers, government and third sector organisations.

Senior lecturer and researcher Dr Ima Jackson leads the project with PhD student and ETP researcher Judy Wasige, and she said she hopes more young people will be included in similar conversations in the future.

Dr Jackson said: “This project links into other campaigns like #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and ‘decolonising the academy’, giving a voice to young people and a range of perspectives, particularly young women of African descent who have very few opportunities to be heard.

“To me this is about Scotland learning how to make this happen through the ETP project.

“Representation matters in all areas of life and Scotland with its demographic changes has to develop processes in order to ensure that those who are being researched and who policy is made about are right in there. Historically this has not happened and it cannot continue.

“FGM and lack of voice for young women is a global issue. Most of the project participants come from communities who historically have practised FGM and hence have links between Scotland and the communities ‘back home’ where they can potentially influence internationally as well as nationally.”

Funded by the Scottish Government and European Social Fund, the project is run in partnership with the African Women in Scotland Association and Glasgow City Council’s English as a Second Language service.

African schoolgirls help launch research project to prevent FGM

Update – Mr Objection objects again

The MP who infuriated campaigners by objecting to a ban on upskirting has been heavily criticised after blocking another private members’ bill.

Sir Christopher Chope shouted “object” in a debate on laws protecting children from female genital mutilation.

His Conservative colleague, Zac Goldsmith, said his actions were “appalling” – Lib Dem Tom Brake said the MP had “reached a new low”.

MP Christopher Chope under fire for blocking anti-FGM bill

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Who runs with 1 WH

It’s taken me so long to throw this one up – the owner’s dumped the car and bought a new one!

I had thought I might find out who 1 WH belonged to, since I came across in the car park at Celtic, Parkhead, but as I simply don’t move around ANY football related cliques, that never happened.

Caught on a genuine Mercedes AMG S65 saloon (as opposed to the sad ‘AMG Line’ kid on), 1 WH is now to be found on a 2018 Rolls Royce Ghost V12 EWB Auto.

The S65 price tag is at least £186,000 not counting any factory options (if there are any), and it delivers something like 621 bhp and 737 lb ft from a twin-turbo 6.0 litre V12, reaching 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. But, slower to 60 by only 0.1 second, the lighter S63 is probably a better bet and nicer to drive, and saves too, being only around £125,000. Oh, get the 155 mph limiter upped to 186 mph as part of the £2,755 AMG Driver’s Package, which also includes a spot of driver training.


Sad to say, that still means no 200 mph (on the Autobahn of course, not the M8), so you’ll still be getting passed.

The Rolls is £237,600 – on the road, 6.6 litre and 575 lb ft, and delivers 572 bhp. 62 mph arrives in 4.9 seconds. Limited to 155 mph.

Mercedes AMG S65 [1 WH]

Mercedes AMG S65 [1 WH]

Oh well – back to normal, and reality.


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Pay deal could see Glasgow City Council adopt leaseback option for properties

While the old fogies will no doubt be up in arms and having strokes, palpitations, and panic attacks, we live in a different world from that of two or three generations ago, and it’s refreshing to see Glasgow City Council is not entrenched in the dead-end thinking it suffered from in the past. Then, it was almost frightening to look in the papers (yes, newspapers) and see the next ‘Tale of the Unbelievable’.

It may come as a surprise to some, but money doesn’t actually grow on trees, nor can it be magicked up out of thin air by consulting the latest Harry Potter novel.

On top of whatever else ‘new money’ the council has to come up with – cough cough Winter Garden cough cough – there’s now something in the order of £550 million to settle a pay deal extorted by threats of strike action (oh don’t be so childish – call it what it is!).

There’s money in property, but it needs thought to realise it as negotiable funds.

If you own it, like a spare house or second home, you can sell it – but that doesn’t work if it’s your only property, and you want to live in it.

If you need to keep it, then you need to sell it and agree terms to live in it. That way you get a pot, can ‘enjoy’ the benefits, and just toss a few pennies at the new owner.

This has been done on the Continent for years, and there have been some famous tales reported in the media where an older person has had the last laugh on the ‘buyer’. Instead of ‘popping their clogs’ after a few years, they’ve lived to a really ripe old age, and the buyer can’t increase the charge they make to let the old soul live in the property, evict them, or end the deal, which has no limit and only matures when the person dies.

An equal pay deal costing Glasgow City Council more than £500 million could be funded by selling some its most popular venues to an arm’s-length company.

The deal in principle came after thousands of council workers walked out on a 48-hour strike in October to settle the long-running dispute over women’s pay.

On Friday, the local authority published a report to go before members of the City Administration Committee next week, which stated the settlement will cost an anticipated £548 million.

City Property Glasgow Investments LLP (CPGI) was requested by the council to consider what capital could be realised from the property assets of both parties.

The proposals include “the option of sale and leaseback of certain council operational properties”, meaning the company would acquire sites such as the Riverside Museum, SEC Armadillo and Emirates Arena.

Council leader Susan Aitken said: “I’ve always been clear that, although settling equal pay has been about delivering justice for thousands of the women in our workforce, meeting the substantial cost of doing that must be fair for citizens.

“Releasing the potential of our property, while keeping it in the city’s ownership, protects services and the future of these valued assets.”

Long-term loans will fund CPGI’s purchases, with the council’s lease payments meeting the borrowing cost.

The paper will go before the committee on Thursday February 6 as discussions continue with potential funders.

Glasgow council considers selling venues to fund equal pay deal

There could be fun to come as this is considered.

And it’s already started, if you’re prepared to offend your eyes and take at look at the sad drivel which appeared in the usual Scotsman’s Moron Comment section after the article.

If Lend/Lease was good enough for World War II, then… 😉

If you would prefer not to have your eyeballs and brain assaulted by seeing any of the moronic comments after The Scotsman article, follow this alternative link…

Glasgow venues may be ‘sold’ to fund equal pay deal



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Friendly Glasgow sign

One of those irritating pics as I can’t quite recall exactly where it is.

I’m pretty sure it’s a slightly obscure side or back street around Parkhead, where quite a few business are ever so slightly ticked off on match days at a nearby football ground, when ‘fans’ park their cars on any bit of ground not protected by yellow paint – and the wealthy ones just ignore that anyway.

Rather than try ‘polite’ requests to protect their ground and property, many owners have resorted to the simple expedient of earth barriers or mounds around the perimeter. A foot or two high (less than a metre, or enough to beach a 4×4 or SUV that might try to drive over) and these  blocks most vehicles, and makes it hard for anyone not invited onto the land to argue that they didn’t realise they were somewhere they were not invited to be.

Others, and property agents, have recently added metal fences and gates to secure what many may see simply as ‘spare ground’.

Private property towing sign

Private property towing sign

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