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Just for fun – Seven interesting facts about Glasgow Green reviewed

I spotted this article a few days ago, and it’s stuck in my mind as it is one of the few sources that has come up with some genuinely interesting AND little known facts about Glasgow Green, so I think it merits ‘Special Mention’ in recognition of that.

I’ve mentioned some of them in the past, so will add links.

However, I’m more intrigued by some of the others, which I’ve simply no memory of whatsover, despite having a number of books that cover the Green, and even some specific volumes that claim to tell of the lesser known aspects of Glasgow and its features.

  1. It was once home to a large bandstand and amphitheatre
  2. It was the former home of Paddy’s Market
  3. A ‘super baths’  was nearly built in it
  4. It used to have a train station
  5. It was home to Glasgow’s first golf course
  6. It nearly became the site of a coal mine
  7. Every Glaswegian has the right to hang out their washin’ there

I came across this one only recently, when I was digging up info on the (now non-existent) bandstand in Tollcross Park. These features were much more prominent in the past, as noted in Kelvingrove Park, and when live music at outdoor venues was the norm. I haven’t mentioned it before as it didn’t come with much detail or pics (unlike Tollcross Park, which has quite a good history). Guess I should go dig into this one day, a pic would be nice.

Paddy’s Market was a bit of a surprise, probably because I only knew if it in its ‘modern’ location at the railway arches, where it is also no longer.

Second surprise in a row, I’ve never come across mention of these plans for baths between Nelson’s Column and the People’s Palace. Lucky the war intervened, and they were abandoned (but apparently not until 1950!)

Train Station – OK, that’s an easy one, although it was razed. One day, I will digitise my film pics, and have pics of when it was there.

Glasgow Green Station 2013

Glasgow Green Station 2013

A third surprise. I find it amazing that none of the histories I’ve read referring to Glasgow Green don’t seem to have bothered mentioning this.

The coal mine was such an affront, and apparently raised a number of times, that it gets mentioned in most accounts. Fortunately always voted down by the good people of Glasgow whenever they got to hear about the idea. So, the coal is STILL down there.

Glasgow Green’s life as a drying green is well-known, as is the people’s right to use it.

Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green

Seven interesting facts you might not know about Glasgow Green



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