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Lost – Philips Type 462 valve radio

After my rambling post about the Decca radio and other goodies I thought I should have found while having a tidy, I was reminded of a lovely Philips valve radio I used to have, and DO know what fate it suffered.

Although this story dates back a long time (before even the Internet existed), I have no problem recalling the appearance of this radio despite its loss, and having no idea it even had a type number.

I now know the type, and some details.

It dated from March 1947 and had  LW, MW and SW bands. It had four valves: 2 x ECH21, an EBL21, and an AZ31 rectifier.

The price was £18 18s plus £4 1s 4d purchase tax – today (2018) that total of almost £23 is equivalent to about £880.

Fortunately, I managed to dig up some pics of one that was auctioned

Philips Type 462 front

Philips Type 462 front

This has (or had in my case) a unique glass tuning scale mounted on top of the case.

Philips Type 462 top

Philips Type 462 top

In use, the scale was illuminated by bulbs located along the bottom edge of the glass plate.

Philips Type 462 illuminated glass tuning scale

Philips Type 462 illuminated glass tuning scale

The ‘pointer’ which slid along the tuning scale was spring loaded, with a felt pad at the top, to prevent the end of the pointer marking the glass.

Not really visible in the pic is an embossed line down the middle of the pointer, which indicated the tuning frequency, or wavelength, to be read from the scale.

Philips Type 462 pointer

Philips Type 462 pointer

The rear is interesting, having not only the usual aerial and ground/earth connection (bottom left) but socket for an external speaker, and an auxiliary input, which shows a record player tone arm, which makes me wonder if it was a straight signal input, or had equalisation. I’m slightly surprised at the record player input for a set introduced in March 1947, and assume this will be for a crystal pickup. Last on the right is the mains connector, and voltage selector.

Philips Type 462 rear

Philips Type 462 rear

I found some pics of the interior, which hurt, as I will explain shortly.

As can probably be seen, the cabling to move that top mounted pointer, driven by a tuning knob on the side of the case, is complex, with quite a lot of pulleys and tensioning springs.

Philips type 462 interior

Philips type 462 interior

As noted, this set was ‘lost’ long before the Internet came into being.

I can’t remember what went wrong with it, but it was enough to require some extreme dismantling to access the problem.

I think something might have broken, or come loose, within the aforementioned pointer drive. I have vague recollections of fighting with the steel drive cables, and cursing the overly complex tensioning system. I’m sure the system involved some sort of double cable drive – possibly having one that drove the pointer, and another that drove the tuning capacitor, but I am guessing.

It all took much longer than expected, much, much longer.

What I do remember clearly is having to move it all from the garage, where I had started working on it, and into the house.

And that was the mistake.

Having carefully (so I thought) gathered all the parts, and slipped a large glass valve into its screening can (the perforated cylinder in the pic above), I carried the lot out of the garage…

And the large glass valve decided to make it escape from its screening can!

Glass and concrete paths don’t mix.

Back then, that was the end of the job.

With no Internet, and valves being considered obsolete, any shops or sellers that had dealt with them in previous years weren’t interested in them. Unless you got lucky and knew someone who knew someone, asking about valve spares was pointless.

After a while, I decided this was a lost cause going nowhere, and got rid of the pile of bits.

Sad to say, it might be expensive, but today it would be relatively easy (compared to back then) to track down a replacement valve online, with a little patience.

One redeeming feature

While I may still/always regret what happened to what was a really nice valve radio, there was a later positive aspect to the tale.

When a neighbour was about to dump a similar radio, although a lesser type, I was able to save it from the bin.

It served as my ‘garage radio’ for some years, before I decided to retire it.

Working, it was humming a bit, suggesting it needed some work, it has been put in a safe place, and survives.

I’m not sure, but think it is a Bush DAC10.

MW/LW push-button selection, and three preset push-buttons.

Bush valve radio

Bush valve radio


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The Scostman chose the WRONG SHOP to use as a ‘Long-term empty unit’

There are some ironically funny coincidences to be found out there.

All the more ironic as this one relied on my utterly useless memory in order to be spotted.

The Scotsman just ran a photo Gallery with nine pics giving various examples of…

Scotland’s high streets in crisis: 9 pictures showing the decline of town centres

One of the pics was very familiar, and the credit shows they got it from Johnstone Press (they’re sort of local).

This is West Princes Street in Rothesay, a place I have not actually seen, or been in for many (as in lots) of years, but has changed so little it’s still easy to recognise from the last time I was there.

West Princes Street Shops Rothesay Pic Credit Johnston Press via The Scotsman

West Princes Street Shops Rothesay Pic Credit Johnston Press via The Scotsman

While I’d have recognised this anyway, I had another reason for recognising it now.

The shop they featured as ‘Long-term empty’… is not longer (empty).

As of seeing one of Zak’s fine pics from 08 January 2019, I know this shop was being refitted on that date.

West Princes Street Shop Rothesay Courtesy of Zak

West Princes Street Shop Rothesay Courtesy of Zak

Fingers crossed he’s watching it, and we’ll get to see what became of it later.

I’m afraid I’m the one saying “There goes another lit bit of history”, not “Oh goody, another shop”.

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Clutha inquiry will see numerous presentations

I like to try to keep reasonably up to date with the Clutha inquiry, mainly because it happened at a spot I know well, and often pass, and have passed over the years, all the way back to the time when they tried to revitalise The Briggait as a market.

While trying to refrain from any specific comments about the incident, which cannot fairly be made without first knowing the outcome of the inquiry, there do seem to be some interesting points arising already.

We’ve already had media articles about the possibility that people who should be at the inquiry possibly NOT being there as they can’t raise the fees required…

Some of the families who will be represented at the inquiry into the Clutha helicopter tragedy are hoping charity will help fund them.

A hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court was told legal aid has been granted to relatives of three victims but they will have to contribute.

Court told Clutha families will need charity cash for FAI

Now it also seems surprising to see that people who were formerly said to be attending, will not.

The handover pilot was reported to be attending, now it seems is not.

The pilot who flew the helicopter and handed it over to Captain David Traill on the day it crashed in to the Clutha pub will no longer be represented at the fatal accident inquiry.

A further preliminary hearing took place at Hampden Park today..

It was heard the Crown could call up to 85 witnesses and Sheriff Principal Craig Turnbull requested to see an operational helicopter configured in the same way as the one involved in the inquiry.

It was previously heard Mr Young handed the aircraft over to Captain Traill on the day of the incident and that he interrupted an engineer carrying out a compressor wash, during a pre-flight inspection, to respond to a missing person report.

Yesterday advocate depute Shaun Smith QC said: “Mr Young has withdrawn his participation.”

Pilot who handed over helicopter in fatal Clutha crash will not appear at FAI


There seems to be a lot of money involved in this, and it could be a barrier to some attending.

The handover pilot might appear to be a material witness, but can just decide to “withdrawn his participation.”

While appearing in a criminal court case is not optional, it seems an inquiry such as this has no similar compelling enforcement.

Developments are going to be interesting to watch.

Clutha crash site

Clutha crash site


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Interesting – Who objects to plans aimed at keeping emergency routes open?

I just don’t go near the place (Parkhead) when there’s a crowd-pulling on at Celtic Park.

There’s probably a concentrated ring of about a mile around the place where the streets are clogged with cars, and buses/coaches, where you’d never see them parked end to end along streets, or jammed onto any bit of ‘spare ground’ that not fenced off, or blocked off in some way.

If I go out wandering, and see this, I’ve learned just to a swift about-turn and go back home.

It can be hopeless trying to get through that lot if you are unfortunate enough to arrive in the area just after the park has spilled.

The fans’ driving is so bad, that almost every junction is blocked by nose-to-tail vehicles (despite police being around – there are just too many offenders) that you cannot even cross a junction. The only cyclists that I see get anywhere are those who’d be classed as ‘bad’, and just ignore the cars and seem to blast through junctions with their eyes shut!

I’m glad to see the council will ‘weight’ objections bases on where they have come from…

Bailie John Kane said: “For people to be putting in an objection for emergency route restrictions around a football park, for goodness sake.

“It’s not all that many years ago that we had some pretty disastrous events at Ibrox. Those routes are there for a very good reason and to be using that as an objection, which then forces us as a council to go down the route of having a reporter look at it.

“Quite frankly I find that pretty disgusting.”

Tory councillor Robert Connelly said: “How many are residents of the area? How many just want to come in and watch their team?”

A council officer said: “There’s quite a mix of objections and you’re quite right some of them are supporters clubs, others are from residents themselves.”

SNP councillor Ruairi Kelly said: “The locations that people live are going to be pertinent to whether they’re valid or what sort of weight we give to them.”

Thousands of objections received in Celtic Park and Ibrox parking row

Click pic for bigger.

London Road Horror

London Road Horror

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Strathclyde University scraps graduation fees


It may not have been yesterday, but in my day we didn’t have any money, yet I don’t recall any problems around graduation, or suggestions that there might be any question over attending.

Then again, I don’t think people approach such things in the same way today, as we did in the past.

But, times changes, as do ‘priorities’.

I could waffle on and on, but I think I was more disappointed to read…

It comes after the University of Glasgow abolished its fees last year.

I always liked to think Strathclyde was the more innovative of the pair, and did risky stuff first (not suggesting one or the other is better, just different).

Strathclyde University scraps graduation fees

Have to go with a pic of the old place, since the fees are now ‘historic’ 🙂

Royal College Of Science And Technology University Of Strathclyde

Royal College Of Science And Technology University Of Strathclyde


A few days later, the University of Aberdeen joined this change.

The University of Aberdeen has scrapped graduation fees.

Students have previously had to pay an administration fee of £45 to graduate in person, and £10 if they did not attend the ceremony.

University principal Professor George Boyne said the move – which comes into force with immediate effect – followed “careful consideration” of persuasive lobbying.

The Aberdeen University Students’ Association (Ausa) welcomed the news.

University of Aberdeen scraps graduation fees

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Interesting Dali article shows damage detail in reflected light – a few weeks after I did

Far be it from me to suggest I ever inspired anyone, but…

I can’t recall seeing an article where anybody bothered to go take pics of the aftermath of the damage to Dali’s ‘Christ of St John of the Cross’ on display in Kelvingrove.

After I’d made a couple of visits (following the painting’s return from its tour), I realised the lighting in the room reserved for the work could be used to highlight the repair, if you didn’t mind getting down on your knees and catching the light at the right angle – and maybe get thrown out of Kelvingrove for being ‘weird’.

Just kidding, they’re very nice in there, very very nice.

I collected a few pics without attracting undue attention, and picked a few to show in the blog on 02 January, to start 2019 with ‘something a little bit different’.

A few week later, I spotted…

The story of the vandals who nearly destroyed Glasgow’s iconic Salvador Dali painting

I think it’s the same, or similar text to an earlier article on the work (I can’t check, none of my 4 browsers will show the Search box on the source site – a dark border shows, but the text box never appears), but with a new/different pic inserted.

That’s all. Just an observation of a coincidence.

Repair to Christ of St John of the Cross Closer

Repair to Christ of St John of the Cross Closer

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The (onging) tale of two dinosaurs

I guess I didn’t dig deep enough when I ‘compared and contrasted’ the story of two dinosaur exhibitions, one in Glasgow, and one in Edinburgh.

They’d been a handy tool to have a poke at the Edinburgh v Glasgow silliness, but I didn’t realise Glasgow was going to follow on with a stop for the dinosaur that featured in the Edinburgh exhibit. I’d just kind of informally assumed that two were on tour, and Glasgow had got one, and Edinburgh the other.

Another case of ‘Assume makes an ASS out of U and ME’.

Trix the Tyrannosaurus rex will be visiting Glasgow as part of the last leg of its European tour.

The T.rex skeleton will greet visitors in attack mode, with her ferocious teeth and enormous head mounted at eye level, when it goes on display at kelvin Hall from Easter this year.

Tickets to see Trix, a 67-million-year-old female who is 39-foot long, around 13 feet high, weighs five tonnes, have gone on sale…

Another dinosaur is following in Dippy’s footsteps and coming to Glasgow soon

‘She’ will be on display in the Kelvin Hall from April 18 to July 31 of 2019.

However, unlike the more friendly Dippy, across the road and welcoming visitors for free in Kelvingrove, Trix comes with an admission fee.

Tickets for the exhibition cost between £8 and £14 and can be bought HERE.

Trix the T.rex uncreditted pic via Glasgow Live article

Trix the T.rex uncredited pic via Glasgow Live article

Dippy’s watching.

Kelvin Hall From Kelvingrove

Kelvin Hall From Kelvingrove

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Council has to spend £6 million BEFORE the old meat market site is developed

At least it’s not money down the drain, like the £15 million being extorted from Glasgow City Council for YET ANOTHER sporting fiasco event.

But is interesting to see that while it has to close the Winter Garden at the People’s Palace while it find £7.5 million to carry out restoration and maintenance, it seems there’s no problem in finding almost £6 million to make a derelict site (which has lain derelict for years) attractive to developers.

While I’m NOT going to make a silly remark about this spend, because the council IS responsible for providing a number of essential services to the area, as part of the city’s infrastructure, I am going to query whether or not it should be responsible for picking up the WHOLE of thee bill, since any developer that subsequently takes up the option of the site is gaining a ‘free’ benefit of taxpayer’s money – by which I mean MY Council Tax. And I won’t see ANY benefit from that.

Just Sayin’.

These are days of austerity, where funding is tight, spending is being cut, budgets are shrinking, and more costs are being levied on those who are responsible for them.

GLASGOW City Council is inviting contractors to bid for a £5.7million project as part of plans to transform the Meat Market site in the East End.

The infrastructure and public realm contract covers construction of new roads, high quality hard and soft landscaping, rain gardens, architectural feature lighting and street furniture.

The work, which is expected to take 12 months to carry out, will also include street lighting, sewers, a drainage system, water and gas mains, electricity distribution — including a new sub-station — and telecommunications ducts,

The project is required to make the land bounded by Duke Street, Bellgrove Street and Melbourne Street attractive to developers.

£5.7MILLION Contract To Flesh Out Glasgow Meat Market Site

Public consultation on plans for 250 flats has already started.

I know I collected pics of the remaining wall and gate in Bellgrove Street, but just can’t find them, so have to go with something similar, and already seen.

I’m guessing this bit in Duke Street survived since there was a substation behind the wall.

Those old sheds behind won’t (survive).

Glasgow meat market site

Glasgow meat market site

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

Just looked at yesterday’s news, and two more incidents on places I might be found.

First one has the only good point in that I wouldn’t around there at that time of day…

A man is in hospital following a serious assault within a city centre nightclub in the early hours of Sunday (February 3) morning.

The 29-year-old was at Bar Budda in Sauchiehall Street around 2.55pm when the disturbance occurred.

He was taken to Glasgow’s Royal Infirmary where he remains, in stable condition, being treated for a serious ear injury.

Detective Constable Vhairi Macdonald said: “This was a very vicious assault which has left the victim with a very serious ear injury that requires surgery.

Man seriously injured in ‘vicious’ assault inside Sauchiehall Street nightclub

And this is somewhere I wandered into recently, and even recognise the spot in the pics. No details though (and no more info later)…

Police have cordoned off a street in Glasgow as they attend an incident this afternoon.

Officers have taped off a building on Cheapside Street in Anderston with a police car parked on the road.

Police Scotland confirm they are on the scene, adding that there have been no casualties or arrests made.

Police cordon off area of Glasgow street as they attend incident

Violent crimes

Violent crimes


The cordon wasn’t a ‘Violent Incident’ as such, and was later reported to be…

Police seize £1.4million of cannabis from Glasgow city centre building

As I’ve hinted often, you NEVER know what you might be passing by regularly, and until the turn of the year, I was at that spot two or three times a week.

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Nice welcoming telephone box

I’m always amused by the whining that come from some communities (not ALL, as there are isolated and unvandalised boxes which are still useful and valuable today) when there is an announcement about the removal of telephone boxes due to lack of use and/or repeated vandalism.

I came across this particularly welcoming, friendly, and useful box one night.

It’s always nice to see a public toilet, or drug den, with good lighting – you don’t want to make a mistake with either of those activities for want of good lighting.

And that the phone has been muted, to avoid unwanted interruptions.

I prefer the ones with a shelf though, so there is somewhere safe to sit your Buckfast bottle.

Glasgow phone box

Glasgow phone box

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