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Intriguing to see yet more plans to open up access to Glasgow’s parks

I must be too easy to keep happy since I can’t really find much to complain about regarding Glasgow’s many parks that I access regularly.

There are plenty of them, ranging from the biggies such as Victoria Park and Alexandra Park, all the way to the tinies, such as Sandyhills Park.

Even Tollcross Park is pretty good, if you ignore the aberration of a swimming pool venue dumped in it, and the Winter Garden glasshouse and visitor centre lying in ruins – but those are both quite different issues.

Our parks look set to take a step up…

A new vision to transform Glasgow parks enhancing them is expected to be approved by councillors.

The proposal Our Dear Green Place is part of the Open Space Strategy (OSS) strives to maintain and improve access to parks and greenspace across the city.

The OSS is the latest city-wide document, which was first discussed by the council last August, and sets out a strategic approach across all council services for open space development in Glasgow.

It is hoped a multi-agency network with the NHS, Greenspace Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland, RSPB, Scottish Natural Heritage and Police Scotland can work together to provide outdoor education and rehabilitation.

Following community consultation which revealed members of the public wanted communication to be improved between the local authority and greenspace groups, the council has drafted 22 steps to benefit these areas.

Results show residents think parks should be made more accessible, maintained better, the council should be supporting community events and encouraging the community to have their say on how they should be managed.

Plans to transform Glasgow parks and greenspaces to go before city council

I suggest they don’t beat themselves up so much, with statements such as “residents think parks should be made more accessible, maintained better“, which seem to be detached from reality.

Granted, I might only be looking mainly at ‘my’ parks, but, on the other hand, that means I’m looking at parks in the supposedly poverty-stricken and deprived east end of Glasgow, where we don’t get any special treatment, or any ‘favours’ (according to some).

As for access, I was more than a little impressed to find I could cycle from the east end to Victoria Park, almost exclusively on cycle routes, and once at the park was provided with an underpass so I didn’t have to cross an extremely busy main road to get to the park entrance.

All that said…

Anything that makes our parks even better – I’m not complaining!

I’d say things are better than many naysayers would like people to think they are.

Perhaps they need to look at how funds/effort are shared.

I bet Kelvingrove Park gets a LOT more spent on it than any park at my end of the city.

And that may be fair – if it is providing a return to a larger community. A lot happens there, while not a lot happens in ‘my’ parks. Perhaps the new plan will consider such things.

Click for bigger.

Kelvingrove Park Tidy

Kelvingrove Park Tidy

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I should apologise for wasting everybody’s nice days

While I’m always being told I’, “Imagining it”, I really am jinxed when it comes to picking the right time to go out and avoid downpours.

I think the problem is that I wait for so long before deciding the time to head out is ‘Right’, that the rain I would have avoided had I gone out earlier just comes to a head when I finally make the decision to go out, since it’s been dry, so I nearly always get soaked when I eventually do go out.

Today was a classic example.

After watching it stay nice and dry, and even see the temperature climb from about 6°C to 9°C when I did finally head out…

It not only rained after I was a mile from home (so no turning back), it was an absolute downpour, then…

It turned into a nice little hailstorm too!

It was great watching the water run down my waterproof jacket, then soak into my trousers (I could have wrung the water out of them), and then onto my shoes, which just happened to have fabric uppers since I’d decided to exercise my running shoes which have lain unused for weeks.

This clip simply doesn’t do it justice – I had to dry the camera off before I switched it on (the heavy rain had run into my pocket!) and the worst had passed by the time I got it dry.

The only good thing?

I almost decided to cycle!


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BRRRR! – A chilly mistake was made

I’ve been waiting for the temp to lift itself above freezing after the nice warm spell we enjoyed back around 25 January.

It’s just about managed it, and we’ve seen a night without frost, or the temperature falling below zero – which is not to say it WON’T do it again.

I was poking around in the loft, checking things affected by the cold, and found one of my basins was almost full of water, and needed to be emptied. But, this is overhead, and usually doesn’t fill so quickly, and can just be tipped out, but this time was too full and too heavy.

To explain ‘basin’ – when my neighbour’s roof leaked a few years ago, he spent thousands on a new one, and had to have it replaced once, and stripped back twice to stop rain pouring in. I’m simpler, and when mine began leaking… I went to the shops and spent £5 on basins, and created a schedule to check and empty them.

So, since I couldn’t haul the nearly full basin down, I grabbed some tubing and made a siphon, but still had to start the water flowing – and, no, I won’t do it by sucking on the tube. I’ve seen too many people suffer after effects from that going wrong.

Simplest trick is just to fill the tubing with water, place the upper end in whatever is to be emptied, then open the other end and the flow just starts.

My mistake was to use a container of water sitting in the attic – it was FREEZING!

By the time I’d filled the tube and started the siphon I’d lost nearly all the feeling in both hands – freezing cold water conducts heat away from the body at a truly frightening rate, and it’s no wonder people can die in as little as 3 minutes if they fall into freezing sea.

Don’t be fooled by films of lab tests with people sitting still in ice water for up to 30 minutes. That’s VERY different from being in MOVING freezing water, which is a very effective means of pumping heat away from a warm body.

On a lighter note, here’s a graph of the temperature since we had our ‘hot spell’ back on the 25th, to which I’ve added the indoor temp too.

The peaks are actual temperatures, and are usually associated with a change in wind direction or reversal in the direction of barometric pressure change.

Vertical spikes (and flat top peaks) are NOT genuine temperatures, and are a result of power supply interruptions, so should be ignored.

Recent Weather

Recent Weather

Maybe… 🙂

Spring Corner

Maybe not.

I’ve headed out in a blizzard on 01 April in the past, so assume nothing where the end of winter and start of spring is concerned in Scotland.

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Terrible crash in Tollcross

Fortunately, no casualties seen at the scene of this terrible road incident I came across in Tollcross.

Tollcross crash

Tollcross crash

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