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Glasgow – Mugged into hosting yet another sporting event

A classic radio comedy series was broadcast by the BBC between 1962 and 1977, about two lazy, bungling, incompetent civil servants, “Number One” – Roland Hamilton-Jones (Wilfrid Hyde-White) and later Deryck Lennox-Brown (Deryck Guyler), “Number Two” – Richard Lamb (Richard Murdoch).

The 8th Series (1972) began with an episode called ‘The Conference Trick’

Lennox-Brown and Lamb gets the job of representing Great Britain at a conference which will divide the surface of planet Venus between the countries of the world. They were chosen especially to fail, since Great Britain doesn’t have funds for the colonization of Venus. Yet, they somehow failed to fail… and instead of coming back with nothing, came back with rights to the whole planet!

I tend to think of all the other host countries breathing a sigh of relief every time Glasgow wins the right to host (and PAY for) yet another period of upheaval and disruption for its citizens.

The other host cities managed to make it LOOK as if they wanted to win, but were really playing their cards carefully, knowing Glasgow has some sort of mental failure when it comes to seeing the true cost of hosting all this nonsense, and every time Gasgow wins ANOTHER of these events, they all head home, laughing.

Glasgow will become the first city to host the inaugural combined World Championships in 2023, cycling’s world governing body the UCI has announced.

The event will bring together 13 existing World Championships for the first time, including road, track, BMX and mountain biking, turning the host city “into a true world cycling capital” according to UCI president David Lappartient.

Last month, Glasgow Live reported that Glasgow City Council and EventScotland approached the UCI about hosting the event .

In a report to the city administration committee, Deputy Leader of the council, David McDonald, said: “This will be the biggest cycling event in the world with over 100 countries represented and over 200 world champions being crowned during the course of the championships.

“The huge media interest will guarantee worldwide broadcast coverage delivering massive international profile for both Glasgow and Scotland.

Glasgow set to host first ever UCI World Cycling Championships event

Aye, Right!

If you say so.

I’m not wasting time commenting again.

Stop! It's a money pit

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