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Long overdue – Plans to turn the Broomielaw into a ‘River Park’

Apolitical as I am (have always been, and always will be), as someone who was around in the 1980s (I think is roughly the right period), I grew up in a time when ‘Glasgow City Council’ was almost a dirty word. The then council appeared to be a law unto itself, didn’t seem to have much respect from the citizens of Glasgow, and it seemed that everybody and their dug knew a councillor that was on the fiddle and running an undeclared building company that they were using to cream off council money through overpriced contract they awarded themselves. And that usually followed an unexplained fire which removed historic building that were blocking new developments on the land they occupied.

I’ve no idea how true any of that was, but the tales of cronyism and cliques seemed to be pervasive, and true or not, did a lot of damage.

It was actually so bad (to me at least) that, like Conspiracy Theories today, I just gave up paying any attention to them, such was the degree of their silliness when analysed.

I have to mention that as I find that in recent years I can’t fault Glasgow City Council on the majority of decisions and plans they’ve put in place and carried out in recent years.

That’s NOT to say I think EVERYTHING it has done is right, or above reproach or criticism – rather it’s the case that the ‘naysayers’ case against the council and councillors is no longer as easily made as it was in the past, and it’s maybe time to stop beating on the council, and get behind it.

Sadly, that’s never going to happen because – Politics!

No matter what the council does, if it’s not the right colour for some, they’ll NEVER support it, even it happens to be doing things they demand. Politics is a sad business.

So, why did I start with a ramble?

I recently noticed that the Broomielaw was largely unrecognisable to me, as I’d been unable to get back to Glasgow for some years. In that time, many of the buildings that had been there for years had disappeared, leaving much open ground in some parts, or been replaces by very new and very modern shiny office blocks (I think).

Regardless of what they are, the main point is that the Broomielaw, to somebody returning there after some years, is anonymous, dead, and apart from the Clyde Walkway, has little to attract people there, which seems not only wrong, but a bit of a shame. The place even used to have shops, all disappeared years ago.

Cycling through that area is almost like cycling through a desert at the moment. It’s busy in summer, but with not reason to go there other than a nice view of the river, people just don’t seem to go there. Even the road is so quiet it’s quicker to zoom along it than use the cycle path! (Don’t tell the grumpy cycling activists that though – they think the road is gridlocked, polluted, and dangerous).

That’s why I’m fairy stunned to see plans being proposed to turn that very area into a ‘River Park’ revitalise it, and attract people to it. I thought somebody should ‘do something’ there, and almost as soon as I think that, a plan appears! Is there some spooky mind reading going on?

Glasgow City Council are considering plans to change the face of the Clyde in a major transformation.

Glasgow could soon have a ‘River Park’ on the Clyde as council sets out to transform Broomielaw

There are pics illustrating the idea here…

Plans to turn the Broomielaw into a ‘River Park’ could change the face of the Clyde

Broomielaw River Park Proposal

Broomielaw River Park Proposal

In the past, I’d probably have shaken my head at this.


Today, I think for myself, and no longer let politically motivated naysayers even get a look in.

I look at things that have been achieved in Glasgow (even those I don’t like and wouldn’t support) by the council, don’t claim they are ALL perfect, but see more successes than failures, and certainly better than we had in the 1980s (Glasgow Garden Festival excluded of course).

The city centre needs to be more people friendly at the east, something that is being done with an initiative to develop the High Street area.

Now this provides a matching incentive at the west end of the city centre (as distinct from the ‘west end’), and should tie in with things like development around Anderston, and the Avenues project, together with The Underline.


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